2017 NAHBS: Argonaut Road with SRAM Red eTap

Each year, Argonaut brings some very classy bikes to NAHBS and even though I loved the matte black and Olive Drab with King 40th build he brought, I couldn’t help myself and had to shoot this white beaut with SRAM Red eTap. Being a tall guy myself, I love seeing bigger bikes that still nail the proportions and aesthetics.

The best thing about Argonauts is they ride just as well as they look.

  • aeriolabehaviour


  • FireUrEngine

    Is that the New 3.4 enve wheels?

    • professorvelo

      those are the 4.5 the 3 is pretty shallow

  • Just paid a visit to Ben’s website, checking out how long I will need to save up for this. Ooooh well….