2017 NAHBS: Moots Routt RSL with Chris King Emerald

This year at NAHBS, Moots debuted their Chris King collaboration color dubbed emerald. Much like its namesake, this color really pops, like a well-fertilized lawn in suburbia. Moots decided to display this new hue on their Routt RSL, built with Dura Ace.

It’s hard to photograph titanium bikes with this lighting setup, but this bike with those green components made the struggle well worth it.

  • Keith Gibson

    I like the Green, but the logo is hard to read. Not enough contrast? Lighting?

    • Lighting for sure.

      • Keith Gibson

        Thanks. I have one of these on the way with CK Mango bits.

      • Jon Cariveau

        You do great work John, hard to photo without loads of lighting tricks. Nice to see you and catch up. Still dreaming of the Landcruiser joint….

  • Tyler Morin

    Dig the green for sure, definitely a sweet looking bike.

  • alex

    Damn, the little details like the bell and seatpost knock this outta the park. What’s up with the logo, is that a decal, or is that Moots’ new anodizing with some glitter topcoat or something?

    • Keith Gibson

      It is annodized

      • geoff.tewierik

        But the sticker outline is clearly visible on both the down tube and the seat post?

        • Tim Guarente

          I’d bet that area was masked off prior to media blasting the rest of the bike. A polished surface would make anodizing look better.

          • Moots isn’t offering green as one of their anodized colors. It is indeed a decal.

          • Jon Cariveau

            The green are decals.

        • Jon Cariveau

          yes, decals.

      • Jon Cariveau

        Decal. Our ano colors are: Gold, Frost Blue, Rose, Root beer brown, Grape.

    • Jon Cariveau

      The green decal is now a stock offering from us at Moots.

  • Evan Robinson

    *Air Guitar to Thin Lizzy ’emerald’*

  • grandmont

    I love those smooth welds…Are the dropouts 3D printed?

    • Jon Cariveau

      Yes, dropouts are 3D printed units….flat mount, 142 x 12….internal Di2 tunnel.

  • Not really a fan of that colour green, but as all moots go, it’s a beautiful bike. Their frames just embody hand made perfection. I really would like to try those tyres. They look great, but man, they cost a lot of green.

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  • Eric Klett

    can someone please tell me what size Schwalbe tires?