XPDTN3 on the Tahoe Rim Trail Feb 10, 2017

I can’t wait to do this in September! Check out more at XPDTN3.

  • JScriv

    Nice! I think this is on my to-ride list this summer. Clayton will you be doing it again!?!

    • Clayton, Kyle and myself are doing it in September before interbike. ??

      • Clayton Wangbichler

        Already looking forward to it! I have a route planned that is 100% dirt. Yup, 100%!

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Plain but honest: America is beautiful.

  • rocketman

    not sure the “tip toe” thru the Wilderness is legal, but it sure is an awesome ride.

    • rocketman

      they also missed some incredible legal singletrack between 89 and The Y.

    • Bryce Mihalevich

      Ha, I was thinking the same thing. I’d be curious too see their route.

    • Clayton Wangbichler

      It’s a fine line, eh? Here’s how I see it. The Wilderness Act of 1964 states there cannot be the use of mechanized transport in wilderness area. Clearly that means no riding of bikes. Doesn’t say anything about the bike physically being there though. I stopped by a ranger district office before the trip and they said that possessing a bike in the wilderness was “up to my own discretion”.

  • Erik_A

    what WTB tires are they running?

    • My guess would be a 27.5″ Nano

      Pardon the brevity. Sent from my iPhone.

    • Marc Gasch

      We were running WTB 27,5″ Tubeless Ranger 2.0

      • Erik_A

        nice, how did you like that setup?

        • Marc Gasch

          My favourite “gravel plus” setup! I also used it for a couple of other XPDTN3 trips and so far so good. Nice volume, weight, enough thread and no flats! NANOS might roll better but you need good grip and volume for something like the Tahoe Rim trail

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  • Maybe take some lights that’ll do the job or a charger or something? Just a thought for next time…

    • I’m sure they know that. Shit happens. I’ve never been on a trip where I didn’t leave something essential behind. Be it a Sawyer filter, sunblock or yeah, even lights.