Weekend Warrior Feb 12, 2017

Hey, did you hear? California is getting rain. Highways are disappearing, landslides are covering roads, but the mountains are rippppping. After a full week of riding in Utah, I took the rest of the week off but the mountains are calling yesterday so I hollered at Colin to go ride Strawberry peak, which did not disappoint.

  • boomforeal

    that’s a hell of a shot john

  • VW

    Yeah man, that last shot’s got it. Beautiful winter color.

    • Felix

      I also want this kind of “winter”!

      • Oh, this was covered in 12″ of snow last week. We just had a warm spell that melted it. Everything from 6,000′ up is still covered in thick snow right now.

  • What a shot!

  • hans

    we were up there yesterday. so clear!

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