Niner’s New RLT 9 Steel Available Feb 17, 2017

Niner’s tried and true RLT 9 Steel platform got some upgrades with its latest model. These upgrades include flat mount disc brakes, more bottle bosses, mounts on the fork as well as a bolt-on top tube bag attachment. These frames will fit a 1.75″ tire, as well as double and triple cranksets. The new RLT 9 Steel is available in 1-star up to 4-star builds from both Shimano and SRAM. Head to Niner to see more.

  • Matt M

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a bolt-on top tube bag? A quick google search brings some up, but when they talk about how many gels they hold I think I need more space.

  • Chris Brakel

    Hello, it’s my Birthday :)

  • Keith Gibson


  • trololo

    This is beyond nitpicky but it’d be cool to see manufacturers move beyond the CX 46-36 chainring setup for what’s obviously a touring oriented bike. Getting a 32t or lower on the small chainring would be ideal. The bike is still sick, of course.

    • True, but SRAM / Shimano might not offer that as a build kit option.

      • Robert Franklin

        What does SRAM/Shimano have that is below that? AFAIK Felt is the only company shipping a bike like this with a sub-compact chainring, only because they are partnered with FSA and used theirs instead of SRAM/Shimano.

        • Ryanisinallofus

          Specialized Seqoia has a 32 inner. It has an FSA crank but I can’t find out if it’s a special BCD on the inner ring or just a very tight 32T 110BCD.

          I for the life of me can’t understand why every crank in the world isn’t a 110/72 or set up like the white industries variable bolt circle crank or compass Cycles Renée Herse crank.

          • Robert Franklin

            FSA is doing 90mm BCDs on some things now; check this out.


            I ended up using an EBB with a Sugino OX901D Compact Plus (110/74 BCD) on my RLT9, so I could get 46T/30T and use the EBB to lower my BB.

          • nielubieto’em all

            I’m thinking of getting X0 spider and putting MTB chainrings on my Force CX1 crank, but can’t really tell if it’s the best or the worst idea ever.

          • Or just the White Industries 30mm VBC cranks.

          • nielubieto’em all

            Too $$$

          • Robert Franklin

            Nice, but it rules out running the EBB. Have you seen any 24mm options other than the Sugino?

          • Itsnotpoison

            Thoughts on WI g30 crank on this bike?

          • Tim Guarente

            Yeah, and those aren’t budget items. A White crank is on my wish list, but I’d be happy with something more affordable if it had similar versatility.

      • JScriv

        Niner specs the same drivetrains on their CX and Gravel bikes – ask Kyle about his gearing when he road to Steamboat!

    • skunk ape

      I put a Wolf Tooth Road Link and a 40t cassette on my 105 kitted RLT9. It works like a charm.

  • Robert Franklin

    Its like they took every nitpick I had with my original steel RLT and adjusted it. Very nice.

    This is the 2nd post I’ve seen talking about extra bottle bosses. Mine has 2 in the triangle, one on the downtube, and 2 on the fork. What got added?

    • Does yours have two on the fork?

      • Robert Franklin

        Yes, mine does. I’ve mounted Blackburn cargo cages up there for bikepacking before.

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        • Sinai Carmi

          Well the first model had a clean fork, no bosses.

      • JScriv

        I feel like Niners missing the boat ever so slightly by only going for two bosses vs. three on the fork legs.

  • recurrecur

    Really great looking bike, nice builds – but the PF EBB is Kryptonite to me.

    • Robert Franklin

      I’m curious: why? Have you looked at the PF EBB Niner produces in-house? I’ve got it on mine and have seen (or heard) zero issue.

      • recurrecur

        It’s not a racing bike, but it is a performance-oriented bike, and I don’t see the point of designing it around the indecisiveness of “geared VS single speed” when, at that price point, you should have a bike definitively designed around one or the other. Also, why add the extra weight and mechanism of EBB when so much of the build is a nod to gram counting?
        I guess there is a Rohloff argument for a EBB here.

        I say this out of annoyance, because every other part of the spec is what I’ve really only seen in bespoke, custom framesets. I’d have ordered a RTL Steel yesterday if it had a threaded BB, no joke.

        • Robert Franklin

          Fair enough… sounds like it’s not for you. I’m happy to have the option to go SS if a derailleur gets broken like I saw so many times at Land Run & Kanza last year. I’ll gladly trade self-sufficiency for a little weight.

  • Roma Fedorov

    Finally they putted normal rack eyelets !!
    But why this bike is so expensive 3200$ for rival build ??!!

    • bobloblaw

      I wonder why the rack mounts on the seat stays are only available on the framesets? Looking at the pictures, it looks like they are missing on the complete builds.

      • Roma Fedorov

        i was thinking about it too..
        I don’t think that there is a difference between the complete frame and the frameset only!
        Maybe they just photoshopped their old RLT 9 on the complete bike
        Ask niner if you plan to buy this beast!

        • bobloblaw

          I believe you are correct about photoshop. I just saw one of the SRAM builds posted on another forum, and it definitely has the rack mounts, just like the framesets.

  • Jose Alexander Cera

    is this a real upgrade from the 2016 (grey/orange) model? what about the flat-mount caliper vs post-mount caliper? can anyone offer some insights?