Max’s New Rock Lobster S&S Frame Feb 27, 2017

At a certain point, even I become inundated with so many balleur rides rolling around, but sometimes a project pops up that catches my eye. Max’s new Rock Lobster S&S road bike is one of those moments. I can’t wait to see this one built up. It definitely needs some rasta components!

  • hans

    yeah Max! Stoked for you bud!

  • Dunno if this guy would be into rasta components, nice idea though.

  • Bill Solomon (Roadscrape88)

    Rasta hidden compartments would be more appropriate. Water proof, of courses.

  • Nat Whittingham

    Sweet Frame! Super clean and the S&S couplers Really pop!

    Also, @johnprolly:disqus vaguely remember a comment on a recent post about you not favouring S&S couplers, was just wondering on your thoughts on them!