Blue Lug Loves Retrotec Feb 14, 2017

Excuse me for double dipping in Retrotec this week, but Blue Lug’s recent photoset has me swooning for all the double-top tube curves of Curtis Inglis’ bikes. Wanna see more? Head to the Blue Lug Flickr and don’t miss out on NAHBS this year!

  • Ham Sandwich

    this thing doesnt have klampers and we’re supposed to believe its actually blue lug? please review and resubmit. thanks john.

    • You haven’t heard of the great Klamper shortage? The hot air balloon that was traveling to Japan from Chico got shot down by North Korea and now all the Klampers are washing up on beaches in Australia. Rumor has it many have actually landed on the old Great Barrier Reef and are bringing it back.

      • Ham Sandwich

        fuckin MUSA hot air balloon direct flight from Chico to Japan. mother fucker i feel like you just stole my idea before i even had a chance to have the idea. 10/10.

        • We should get Pubes to illustrate that. ;-)

          • Ham Sandwich

            if im ever lucky enough to meet him, i will first tell him how handsome he is. then i will ask him to draw it.

          • Matt Larson

            HamWhich, How do we know you’re not BPubes?
            Also, Curtis FTW AGAIN.

          • Ham Sandwich

            matt larson how do we know YOURE not bicycle pubes?

  • Riemanello

    i’m worried those bikes in Tokyo will never see any real dirt..

  • Curtis and Blue Lug do it again…. +1 on Klampers being mandatory.