The Cub House Swap Meet and Bicycle Show

A few months back, the guys at Team Dream Team came up with the idea of doing a bicycle show during their next swap meet. The call went out to all of Los Angeles for cyclists to bring in their best bicycle for display. Coinciding with a swap meet, people would be able to haggle for new parts, BBQ, and ogle the many noble steeds that would parade their way to South Pasadena for the show.

On Saturday, the event went down, bringing in some serious beauts. Including, but not limited to Tinker Juarez’s old Klein, a resurrected De Rosa Joe Bell restoration, a 1993 Chris Carmichael Motorola Merckx TT bike from the Tour, road bikes, all-road bikes, vintage road and kooky, one-of-a-kind show stoppers.

Many thanks to the folks at the Cub House for throwing this shindig and to everyone who made it happen!

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    Love this Gallery thanks John!

    • Sean Talkington

      Yeah John! Thanks for sharing …& also really exciting to see so many awesome people/bikes/smiles!!!

  • THIS. YES. Morning made. So much drool.

  • San Rensho with Dura Ace 10 pitch

  • admvldz

    I wish I could’ve gone, but I had family stuff going on that day. I really hope they do this again. Also, Stephen Plante’s baby ballüer build is awesome!

  • bicyclecrumbs

    That Lil Ripper is banananananas.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Sculpin is rad

  • Fred flintstone

    i guess i dont understand the lil ripper. pretty neat though

    • admvldz

      I also thought it was a little much when I first saw it. But after hearing an explanation, I guess the Di2 is a lot easier for children to shift compared to a cable actuated shifter. It might seem excessive, but the kid’s dad is an ex-pro racer and is very passionate about bikes. It’s definitely a hell of a lot cooler than my Dyno BMX bike I had when I was a kid!

      • Fred flintstone

        straight up. nothing against it. i loved my dyno and my snes. both are ancient relics now i guess

  • Masterchief

    That green Cross Check looks familiar :)

  • Tim Willis

    Great gallery! Loving the #JRAapproved sticker. if anyone else wants one.

  • Zian

    Damn those rat traps look good

  • Ray Penrod

    So many rad bikes here!

  • Justin Scoltock

    Scotty 2 Naughty and the Rensho always on point.

  • FireUrEngine

    Eye candy store

  • Loppestre

    That De Rosa is so good. Never thought I’d like Ventos and Veloce 10 so much on a steel classic like that one.

  • Peter Chesworth

    What a delightful photographic essay. The positioning in the same spot makes it an intriguing exercise to scroll through the successive pictures. I had never heard of a Pogliaghi before, but any Italian sounding bike with it’s name impressioned upon the top of the seat stays is undoubtedly A Good Thing. The understated Surly is sweet, but the gold trophy champion of this menagerie has to be the De Rosa, and the owner’s beautifully worn flanny, available at Queanbeyan Kmart for ten bucks. I have several myself.

    • Alex Wichman

      She won for best road bike!

  • Dexter

    That De Rosa is something else! And the Colnago pizza bike, damn.

  • Jordan Hladish

    Such a great gallery. I love the bar tape on that teal cielo. Anyone have any idea what that may be? The multicolor behind the perforations is gorgeous.

  • Alex Wichman

    Great pics! I was there selling and you can just make out the backs of my two kids heads in the first pic. I got an almost identical shot of that Stumpjumper hanging out by the fence!

  • Max Duck

    oh man that pogliaghi! all the fire emojis

  • orgasmikksole

    whens the next one! :O

  • Vision Street Wear bottles! Do like!

  • mp

    Lots of lovely bikes. That Nightstorm Klein is a sight to behold!