Sverigetempot: Length of Sweden Premiere in Los Angeles Jan 4, 2017


After months of compiling and editing footage, the boys at Ertzui have finished their documentary on the Svertigotempot brevet we documented last year. If you’re in Los Angeles, please join us for the Length of Sweden Premiere at XIX Studios, along with a photo show from the brevet.

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The Sverigetempot


Friday, January 20th at XIX Studios Los Angeles

Specialized presents Length of Sweden. A documentary by Ertzui Film, featuring Rita Jett, Kristian Hallberg, Erik Nohlin and Sequoia. This world premiere event will include a photo exhibition by John Watson from the Length of Sweden Tempo, as well as a Q&A with Rita Jett and Erik Nohlin.

Drinks, snacks and yes, there will be a raffle.

7:00pm – Doors open
7:45pm – Film starts
9:00pm – Q&A
9:45pm – Closing comments
10:00pm – Doors close

More info and registration.

This event is limited to guests who are 18 years and older.

11 responses to “Sverigetempot: Length of Sweden Premiere in Los Angeles”

  1. Julius says:

    Any chance this movie will be screened in Oslo? Or in Gothenburg…that would be the perfect reason to ride there ;) Methinks a Scandinavian screening would be more than fitting.

  2. SHTLCK says:

    Any chance for a Screening in Berlin?

  3. Fuck already booked. Just by chance I was going to be in LA getting ready to ride to Joshua Tree

  4. Tobias Christensen says:

    Even though there will be no Sverigetempot
    this year, I will ride the route with a friend anyway! :D
    A screening in Copenhagen? Or maybe an online release?

  5. wunnspeed says:

    One vote for a Zurich showing here. I’m always eager to see what Martin and the Ertzui team turn out.

  6. Daniel Nyström says:

    Will there be any tickets available at entrance in LA?

  7. Your Pal, Al says:

    Will there be streaming/rental/purchase options for those of us not in LA?