FBM and Endpoint’s Hunter Gatherer Frames Jan 20, 2017


“I love all kinds of bikes, and all different types of riding, but I am never quite sure where any of them will take me. Our latest adventure on wheels is an FBM built in collaboration with our friends at Endpoint. This new touring frame and fork is a bad ass bike called the Hunter/ Gatherer features the combined effort of some great people, stoked on bikes, looking to have some fun! We hope you will join us…” – Steve Crandall

Check out more information, including pre-ordering information at FBM!

  • Evan Robinson

    after aping hard, it would be tight to ape it far.

  • Brad

    Yeah Crandall

  • Kurt Angle
  • Meshkat

    Very cool bike.

  • Endpoint Bikes

    First off, thanks for posting this!

    A few words about the bike in the picture. First off that’s not actually the Hunter/Gatherer. It IS the prototype for the fork that we have been testing on one of our original Coffee Grinder test mules. The actual Hunter/Gatherer is going to be even more rad. Thru axle front and back, optimized low-trail geometry for front loading, bigger tire clearance (27.5×2.25), and more standover for off road shenanigans.

    FBM has been making our bikes for a while now and we were super honored to work closely with Mike and Crandall to design this bike. Current production starts soon and colors right now are black or transparent purple. You can pre-order one at the FBM site or over at rideendpoint.com.

    We’re currently taking orders for the matching Milk Crate rack. The final version sits a bit lower than the one in the photo and perfectly holds a Swift Ozette bag.

    The fork and rack are both available as stand alone items and we designed the fork to also be plug and play with many existing cyclocross bikes, allowing them to be quickly converted to a low-trail weekend tourer or rando machine.

    Thanks again for posting this!

    • Endpoint Bikes

      Also… what the heck is up with my chain?

      • James Rollins

        WTF…bad PhotoShop???

      • nielubieto’em all

        My thoughts exactly. 1-800-LUBE

    • Any chance of internal dyno hub wiring w/ that fork (and/or frame)?

    • cyclocult

      Tube spec?

      • Endpoint Bikes

        True Temper Verus HT .8/.5/.8 x 31.8 top and down tube (until the stock of True Temper dries up then we’ll switch it up). True Temper OX Plat 28.6 seat tube. 4130 rear triangle.

    • C.Silver

      will you be posting more photos on the site? would be helpful to see before putting money down

      • Endpoint Bikes

        Once the first round is made we’ll have some shots. The 2nd production run will likely follow this first one fairly quickly. If you’re curious about the purple its the same powder that FBM uses on the Gypsey 3. You can see a good shot of it here. http://www.fbmbmx.com/products/bikes/imgs/heathenV3PurpleMonostay.jpg

        • Frank Stec

          Still just drooling over this color. I am excite.

    • sofia

      Could you share what BB standard will be used on the frames (threaded I hope?) and if the head tube is standard 1-1/8″ or 44mm like I believe the coffee grinder is? Thanks!

      • rocketman

        I got an email from FBM. they said headset for the bike is a press fit 1 1/8″

      • nachoparty

        1 1/8

      • nachoparty

        68mm english threaded BB.

  • rocketman

    does the fork come with the frame for $999? seems like a killer deal for MUSA and HT tubing!

    • nachoparty

      It does!

  • Matt M

    Looks awesome. I love bikes in the style of the Soma Wolverine, Elephant NFE, Rawland Ulv and Ravn, etc. This looks like a serious contender as well!

  • noob_sauce

    Your FBM Sword was one of my favorite PINP bikes.

  • Benjamin Hawkins

    Rick Hunter is an asshole who skips orders on people who have put down deposits and wait 3 years and then he just punks you out like a little bitch and wont make the bike you patiently waited for, FUCK YOU RICK!