A Team Dream Stinner Frameworks Lemond Homage Road

We all have our favorite cyclists or teams from the 80’s and 90’s. For Sean of Team Dream Team, it was the early 90’s and Greg Lemond, specifically that slick Calfee-built Team Z bike. The red to yellow to blue tri-fade has long been a favorite of Sean’s and that became the precedent for this new Stinner Frameworks road bike.

Sean’s already got a race-fit road bike, but he wanted one with a bit more head tube, partially for a less aggressive fit, but also for longevity. He wants to be riding this bike for a long, long time, even after his flexibility has been reduced due to age. Mid-life crisis bike? Maybe, but I commend Sean looking at the long-term lifespan of this bike. It literally is all he could ever want in a road bike and more.

The bike was spec’d with Campagnolo Super Record 11, a NOS Flite saddle, with ENVE parts and Mavic Ksyrium R-SYS SLR wheels and built by the capable hands at Golden Saddle Cyclery. If you’re going to NAHBS, look for it there, and expect a photoshoot of this bike and the original Team Z Calfee in the near future.

  • Fredrik

    God dang

  • Robert Mauriello

    how long is the stem?

    • nielubieto’em all

      That was… unexpected (my guess would be 100mm).

      • Robert Mauriello

        i was just thinking about a new stem, it looks good.

        • Fred flintstone

          fwiw, i recently copped a 100 mm enve stem and it certainly seems longer than my 100 mm thomson. MATH

          • Robert Mauriello


  • toffee

    Why not just get a Calfee and do it properly

    • Not everyone wants a carbon road bike.

    • PGH_small_adventures

      Yeah why buy the stinner when you can hunt all over the internet for a 25 year old used bike with outdated technology. The paint job is similar, therefore it’s basically the same bike, right? (personally, I always liked their first album best)

  • Alex Hillis

    This. Bike. Is. So. Good.

    My bike envy meter just broke.

  • Evan Robinson

    there must be a boarded up bike shop, with a pile of these saddles in the basement, waiting pensively to be found

    • EAI bought them all!!!

      • Evan Robinson

        Real Talk: Do they have M950 XTR Chainrings still? Are there any of those pensively waiting?

  • The full 36, STUNNER!

  • RX178

    That’s some seriously tasty stuff there.

  • Keris

    Should add a drop down menu to the comments section. Make it easy to select between complaints: paint unoriginal, wrong frame material used, components wrong colour, stem too long/short, etc.

    Kidding aside, this bike is rad and looks like fun. Love the skinwalls.

  • kermitonwheels

    Looks like great fun.

  • David

    This bike is perfect. The Flite saddle is such a nice touch.

  • Tyler Morin

    This bike is so so good!

  • PGH_small_adventures

    I’d love it if the bike industry reverted back to dayglo fade paint jobs. That and gold sparkle paint aren’t being done enough anymore.

    • The problem with dayglo is it fades fast and in this world, where the consumer, their complaints and the internet critics are king, I think it’d be a problem. :-(

      • PGH_small_adventures

        I guess i should have said neon, I used dayglo improperly.

        • AdamBike99

          “Neon,” “Dayglo,” “Flouro,” or any other word describing colors with this high level of light-reflectiveness; they are all unfortunately prone to fading. John hit the nail on the head.

          • PGH_small_adventures

            I never knew that,

          • floody

            Let’s just scrap the fluro bit and have more brightly coloured fades then :)

  • BC

    A slammed stem is a thing of beauty.

  • Daniel M

    When I dream about bikes… this is it

  • I always love seeing a chubby bobcat

  • floody

    Great way to put some retro cues together. Flite is still a great saddle 25+ years on and I like the way the R-SYS wheels carry on the hard ano style of old.