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2017 NAHBS: Meriwether Hardtail with Bedrock Bikepacking Bags

Sacramento-based Meriwether Cycles gets its name from owner and builder Whit Johnson’s nickname, after Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark. This became the inspiration for these excursion-seeking rigs. A hardtail can be an ideal trail companion for touring, with the right bags. That’s why for NAHBS, Meriwether teamed up with Bedrock Bags out of Denver and Durango. They make a number of capable bags for whatever kind of trip you desire, including their dropper-compatible Black Dragon saddle pack.

These two brands created one solid option for those looking for a trail-ready, and still shreddy bikepacking rig.

Mar 13, 2017 13 comments
2017 NAHBS: DeSalvo Golden Builder’s Special Road

NAHBS isn’t just about $10k road bikes with wireless shifting and every year, there are still a good number of classic, rim-brake road bikes lining the convention center halls. This year, Mike DeSalvo brought one of my personal favorites. A Builder’s Special in gold and turquoise, built with Shimano Ultegra. These completes go for $4,300 as pictured, or $3,650 sans Chris King components.

It’s hard to beat that pricing, especially from a guy like Mike, who knows how to lay down some beautiful weld beads. If you’d like a Builder’s Special, holler at DeSalvo!

Mar 13, 2017 10 comments
2017 NAHBS: Alchemy Kratos with the Fox AX 40mm Suspension Fork

Designed around a 700c wheel with 427 axle-to-crown measurement, the Fox AX fork adds 40mm of travel to your cyclocross or all-road bike. As you might have guessed, AX stands for “Adventure Cross” and the Alchemy Kratos is an ideal mate for this new piece of technology. With three water bottle cage mounts, clearance for either a 700x43mm tire or a 27.5″ equivalent, bolt-on frame bag provisions, and rack mounts the Kratos is meant to take on endurance dirt races, or a weekend bug-out ride.

While I personally like this throwback to Tomac, I can see the AX fork ruffling some feathers… What do you think?

Mar 13, 2017 46 comments
2017 NAHBS: No22 Reactor Road with Campagnolo Super Record 11

Last year at NAHBS, No22 introduced their carbon and titanium road bike, dubbed the Reactor. This year, they brought it back to their display in the Salt Palace with a new finishing twist. The paint and anodizing, along with a special edition Campagnolo cockpit had their booth sizzling all day. Coincidentally, this bike won the Campagnolo award.

The hardest part of photographing this beaut was keeping the damn thing still. It kept wanting to roll. Not a bad problem I suppose!

Mar 13, 2017 4 comments
2017 NAHBS: Moonmen 8 Lumens Tukt Fatty

Oh, you think being tukt doesn’t matter? Maybe you’re just scared, fearful of a tight, short rear end on your bike. This Moonmen fatty is hella tukt. Using NASA technology, 8 Lumens figured out how to make the chainstay 16.75″ long, slamming that wheel as close to the bottom bracket shell as possible, making manuals and wheelies easy, completely smashing the fat “bikes are slow” stigma.

Other notes include that killer cockpit, with a BMX-inspired stem and bars and that insanely-rad chain tensioner machined into the chainstay.

Mar 13, 2017 19 comments
2017 NAHBS: McGovern Cycles Tequila Sunrise Disc Road

McGovern Cycles makes carbon bikes by hand in Nevada County, California. I don’t know why, but I can’t help think that a tequila sunrise was the inspiration for this John Slawta-painted McGovern Cycles road bike. That or a desert sunset.

Either way, this red, white and orange bike just popped out during NAHBS and I couldn’t wait to photograph it against the blacked-out background.

Mar 12, 2017 8 comments
2017 NAHBS: Portus Cycles Hardtail with a Pinion Gearbox

Alex from Portus Cycles was the late Ezra Caldwell’s biggest fan in Germany. After fighting cancer and documenting the process for six years before passing away in 2014, Ezra inspired many people, even today. For Alex, it became his inspiration and helped him through his own father’s battle with brain cancer. Ultimately, Alex’s father passed away, inspiring him to live life to the fullest and keep on keepin’ on with Portus Cycles. This bike is an homage to both Ezra and Aelx’s father.

Powered by the unique, made in Germany, Pinion gearbox, this hardtail was used in one of Germany’s 24-hour mountain bike race, Sleepless in the Saddle. If you’d like to know more, head over to Portus Cycles.

Mar 12, 2017 8 comments
2017 NAHBS: The Ground Up Speed Shop Steel Aluminum Titanium Track

Eric Baar is a man of many talents. He can wield both welder and a paint brush to many forms of materials. At NAHBS this year, he brought his 2016 creation: the Steel Aluminum and Titanium track bike. You should be able to guess which part of the bike is which, but I’ll give you the information anyway. Eric made the rear triangle of this track from machined titanium, down to the track ends. This is then bolted to the aluminum front triangle, using cleverly located and designed hardware. From there, he left it up to a bladed steel track fork to complete the tryptic of materials.

The final touch was a series of one-touch paint experimentations, all of which Eric lays down by hand. Follow Ground Up’s work at their Facebook.

Mar 12, 2017 16 comments
2017 NAHBS: W.H. Bradford Designs Yeti Homage

W.H. Bradford brought one of the most fun bikes at this year’s NAHBS. This Yeti homage has every detail worked out, from the classic looptail, to the flat top tube and even the fork, there’s not much Brad left out.

Pairing the Yeti turquoise frame with purple anodized Paul Components was the cherry on top.

Mar 11, 2017 28 comments
2017 NAHBS: Sim Works Doppo Touring Bike

We’ve seen this frame offering from Sim Works before, during the insane bicycle tour we got to partake in while in Japan with our friends from Circles. For NAHBS this year, Sim Works brought their Doppo touring bike, set up with 650b wheels, fenders, drop bars and their new Volummy tires. This bike looks great, painted in a matte olive drab, with custom Sim Works anodized green Paul components Klampers and skewers.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Sim Works!

Mar 11, 2017 25 comments