2017 NAHBS: Toresvelo Rigid MTB

A love for the desert brought Anton Gorbunov, the owner and builder of Astrakhan, Russia-based Toresvelo to the geologic playland known as Mangistay. While there, he found inspiration for the branding and the modus operandi for his brand. Toresvelo makes machines capable for all forms of riding. Whether it’s a rowdy hardtail or a precision road you’re after, Anton can craft whatever your heart desires. In this case, a Gates-equipped rigid SS MTB, fit for riding in Mangistay, or the USA. My personal favorite detail is the head badge and Toresvelo’s new, ruin-inspired branding.

I can’t find it now, but Anton showed me a photo of a rider blasting down one of the alluvial fans in the desert, along with a big-horned sheep skull. While there is a bit of a language barrier, I could tell he was one Rad Atavist! Follow Toresvelo on Instagram.