Riding in Post-Wildfire Santa Clarita Valley Dec 20, 2016

Spencer Rathkamp takes to a post-wildfire trail in the Santa Clarita Valley, wearing orange and red. Clearly the fire hasn’t been contained…

  • rocketman

    sorry to be negative… but the forest doesn’t need some pud roosting off every berm. If you can’t respect the mountains stay in your bikepark

    • I agree, especially since burn zones are very delicate and having worked on trails in this region, it does a lot of damage when bike park bros think they have to skid every turn on the trail.

      *fire roads are another story… ;-)

      • Agleck7

        Some of them were definitely unnecessary, but that feet up drift at the beginning was legit!

  • somebody_aight

    Just moved back to LA from the Bay. What trails are these?