Golden Saddle Rides: With a Cherubim on Top Track Bike – Kyle Kelley

Golden Saddle Rides: With a Cherubim on Top Track Bike
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

A gilded ride deserves a few balleur upgrades. This Cherubim track bike was picked up from Tokyo’s Sexon Super Peace, one of my favorite shops in Japan. I visited this storefront back in 2009 and regrettably, didn’t make it back on my last trip to Tokyo. At any rate, that shop is known for having an incredible stock of track bikes and coincidentally, that’s where this golden Cherubim came from.

When Jeremy, the owner brought the frame and parts over to Golden Saddle Cyclery for a pro build, everyone was drooling over not only the frame, but the parts as well, right down to the Toshi bar tape. Berthoud saddle, EAI gold cog, vintage Campagnolo hubs laced to H+Son TB14 rims make for practical, vintage-inspired build kit.


There are few bicycles that are as well balanced aesthetically as a track bike. Their simplicity makes for a pure form that is not only easy on the eyes, but a balanced and proportioned ride quality.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

20 responses to “Golden Saddle Rides: With a Cherubim on Top Track Bike – Kyle Kelley”

  1. Chris says:

    Amazing build. What stem is that? Does it have a mount for the bell?

  2. Kyle Kelley says:

    It took four years to ultimately decide the exact parts that would grace this frame for Jeremy! The stem is what took the longest to choose, it didn’t even exist when we brought this bike in, but in the end it was the perfect way to finish the build and make it a bit more fun!

  3. James Erik says:

    It’s odd but to my eyes the clement stradas look a little out of place on this build. Even more so since I run them on my own bike. Are those 26mm bars or did you use shims? The 26mm clamp instead of 25.4 is the only thing that has kept me from purchasing the same stem for my own. But it’s a lovely stem and looks amazing on this build. The bell is somehow like the icicng on the cake. It stand out like a bow tied to a ponytail. Just the perfect amount of dress up. What can you say about a cherubim frame? They are easily some of the best in the world. Truly beautiful!

  4. FireUrEngine says:


  5. Zian says:

    What’s the situation on brakeless track bikes in tokyo? Last time (2012) I rode there police pulled me over.

  6. mr. apodaca APODACA says:

    goooood God that’s cool

  7. Bo says:

    Most perfect bike ever featured on this website

  8. geoff.tewierik says:

    Sexon Super Peace closed a while back and their stock was bought by Tokyo Hippies Mart,

  9. primo says:

    flawless victory

  10. Mr.Labu says:

    only 10 pieced they made, any lucky i have one of those xD

  11. Chris van der Kaap says:

    That lacing tho, 4x with spoke heads covered by neighboring spokes. Odd choice??