Bishop Bikes: Karesna’s Classic Fillet and Lugged Road Bike Dec 6, 2016




Photos by Keith Trotta

Chris Bishop’s talent is best highlighted by his ability to craft a beautiful, classic road or track bike. Take his latest project for example. With a finish like that, it almost distracts from Chris’ shorelines and lugwork. See more at the Bishop Flickr.

  • rolltide

    the man, the myth…and just a really good dude. i’m so fortunate to have one of his great works.

  • Fred flintstone

    “i didnt choose the lug life, the lug life chose me”

  • Andy Moore

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin…

  • OverIt


  • shankshiv

    That metal flake is so chunky!
    Almost looks shot blasted.