A Special Edition Team Dream Bicycling Team Cielo Base Racer – Kyle Kelley

A Special Edition Team Dream Bicycling Team Cielo Base Racer
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Chris King’s 40th anniversary is this year and with that, a whole queue of celebratory events, products and collaborations have taken place. From that coveted olive drab kit, to an Open House tomorrow (details pending) and even working with Team Dream Bicycling Team on a kit design, with a corresponding Cielo Base Racer frame.

Team Dream’s Sean Talkington was asked to design a kit for Chris King, using some of his signature colors and designs. Known for their brightly-colored apparel and unique use of stripes, the resulting design featured a red, white and blue paint job, with stripes that look like torn masking edges.

Team Dream Bicycling Team and Cielo Base Racer

The accompanying kit has been in stock at both party’s web shops but this Base Racer has been kept under wraps for a bit, so enjoy! Thanks to the team at Golden Saddle for the build and look for this bike going up for auction shortly!


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  • nielubieto’em all

    First blue-collar grouppo bike on Radavist?

    • No way! We’ve featured tons of 105 / Apex / bargain bin stuff.

      • nielubieto’em all

        I know, I know, that was a bit of a provocative tongue-in-cheek comment. Expensive bikes are cool, but there’s a special place in my heart for all those parts bin/low-end groupset builds. <3

  • barry mcwilliams

    So damn pretty.

  • Keith Gibson


  • Erik Thompson

    I almost never get on here to say this. But wow. That is an ugly ass paint job :P To each their own however.

    • professorvelo

      Yeah, I have to say, I am on the other side and see this as totally dope. I love bold graphic styles. My personal concern is that the irregular striping can look like a fuck up if not managed perfectly and I’m not sure this one gets there.

      • Ryan

        Came to say the exact same. That stripe job is half-assed and sloppy. Whether you go for the precision stripe job with help from modern technology, or the taped and masked handcrafted aesthetic…this one is just plain shoddy. The combination of ringed stripes and helix ribbons looks like a mistake, which it was/is. I sound really critical of a bike I like the looks of, wow. I just wish the striping had been done with more love—huge miss, easily avoidable…that’s why it’s frustrating me.

        • professorvelo

          yeah, I think what most people don’t get – and I’m not necessarily speaking of the painters here – is how hard it is to get ‘wrong’ right. It’s like listening to some of Coltrane’s more experimental jazz, the wrong note is either a disaster or genius and that’s a thin line.

          • Sean Talkington

            Totally valid points & critiques. The guys at CK gave it a go, but ultimately it doesnt quite match up with the stripes/spacing on the kit design. In CK’s defense they aren’t really equipped to do complex custom paint in house. When the art was originally sent we thought Rudy from Black Magic would be handling the project, but it didnt pan out that way. The finished result is an overly simplified version w/ some spacing issues IMO, but my hat is off to them for going out of their comfort zone. Appreciate the honest feedback from you guys :)

  • Love it. Love everything about it. Go chubby bobcat go!

  • Brad Serls


  • FireUrEngine

    That paint scheme looks like my kids Target Brand pajamas.

    • I don’t think Target has a brand. I think they sell Carter’s.

  • Eric Hancock

    I really like these Base Racers. I’m seriously considering one. But the cable management for the front brake really irks me. I don’t like having it flapping around.

    • Derek

      The fork being used is made by ENVE, and it actually has a cable guide clamp right below the crown (Seen on photo 21). No flapping around involved.

      • Eric Hancock

        Thanks for the mansplain. It is exactly that kludgy clip that I don’t like.

        • Chris Valente

          I don’t think there is anyway around that with a front disc brake. The ENVE clip is cleaner than the alternative i mostly see which is a braze on and a zip tie. That’s what mine has. I agree the routing isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but either way it doesn’t really flap around.

  • Harry

    Love the stem!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Alright, I’ll be the one to ask the instagram type question: what tape is that?
    It just looks comfy and I don’t recognize it!

    • JJKracing

      Fizik’s Superlight Tacky Bar Tape

      • Matt O’Donnell


  • Sick paint job Sean, it has such a cool ‘Art Car’ aesthetic. Nerding-out for a moment, I hope the Base Racer will pave the way for all Cielo bikes to feature a threaded BB from hereon out. I’d love a Road Racer but PressFit remains a deal-breaker, personally.

    • JJKracing

      Road Racer, Base Racer and Cross racer will have t47 for 2017. Most likely available by NAHBS hopefully sooner

  • BuffyZA

    What seat post clamp is that? Ive had one like in the past couldnt ever find out what it was?

    • jxjx