Zach’s Blackened VYNL Road

On Saturday, I received a DM on Instagram from a kid named Zach who had just built up a new VYNL road bike. It was the first VYNL to use masked decals, not stickers and from what I could see, looked to be a slick build. I told Zach to come by GSC and I’d love to shoot photos of it. Little did I know Zach would roll through at mile 70 during his ride, in the complete opposite direction he needed to be going. That’s what “new bike day” does to you though…

As mentioned earlier, VYNL is now offering masked decals, straight from the paint booth. Zach’s is built up with Ultegra and Ritchey components and is very no-nonsensical. After riding various carbon bikes over the years, he missed the way aluminum road bikes felt and started looking. VYNL was at the top of his list, so he placed an order and waited.

The end result is what many would consider a damn beautiful bicycle and clearly, Zach is loving it!

  • Fred flintstone

    do the ultegra calipers clear a 28c tire? perhaps a compass tyres chinook pass? inquiring mindz

    • Yeah. The Chinooks are smallllll.

      • Fred flintstone

        So do they still fit john? Im doin ultegra calipers on an enve road 2.0

        • Yes. They fit when I had them on the OG1 with Ultegra on ENVE wheels

          • Fred flintstone

            Thanks man. So sorry about the geekhouse

          • me too! Everyone should have renter’s insurance!

    • h000k

      Yeah they’ll easily clear a 28. I’ve got Grand Bois 28s in mine.

    • I have 28c Gatorskins no problem.

  • My kind of bike, this is awesome! Are those Ritchey aluminium rims and will the brake track stay that dark over time? They look quite nice.

    • Yeah, it’s similar to the Mavic wheels.

  • That Ritchey kit is so classy. Industrial and practical, without any flash at all.

  • RX178

    In Eeyore voice:
    “This is my bike.”
    “There it is.”

    • Scott Felter


  • KevinSF

    Man those hubs are sexy! Super clean.

    • noob_sauce

      and use j-bend spokes!

  • AdamBike99

    Big. Fat. Juicy. Alu TIG Beads!

  • jc

    what brand is that black container?

    • noob_sauce

      Look like a PRO.

  • JJ

    Nice kit!
    Nice bike!

  • CSBike

    What kind of saddle is that? I’m looking for something new and that profile is sexy.

  • David

    That drop gaaahhhh

  • Mount tam apparel


    • It’s ok Mr. mount tam, when you have real mountains to ride like we do in LA, you sometimes need a compact. You guys barely top out at 3,000′ – that’s like a hill for us. ;-)

      • Eugene Chan

        Hamilton is something like 4200ft I think? Either way there’s no shortage of climbs to chain, especially around the La Honda area. I did see Zach at Phil’s Gran Fondo 2 weeks ago, along with his new VYNL. Mostly because I was wearing the same Black Sheep kit, so he stuck out.

      • Mount tam apparel

        Well at least we have plenty of mountain ranges to choose from and they are green.. Your right, with all the smog the compact may help me breathe bettter. :)

  • Ben Shane

    Proper drop!

  • Andrew

    I’ll take it.

  • Dustin Hopkins