How Low Can You Go? …With this Stanridge Speed Track Nov 3, 2016





Built in the spirit of the Rossin Futura supplied to the USSR in 1988 by Rossin, this Stanridge Speed low pro track bike was recently completed for the private collection of a client from Texas. It was built with modified lugs, Columbus Gilco, custom shaped Columbus SL and Aromatic stays. The NOS Kevlar Poct track wheels with Ti hubs were manufactured in the USSR and provided just the right amount of wow factor for the completed build.

The completed project couldn’t have happened without the help of Psy from Petrichor Frames and Amy Danger, who supplied parts for these photos. While low pro bikes have since dwindled in UCI track events, their stance and history are something that can be appreciated by all cyclists. Thanks to Adam from Stanridge Speed for sending these photos over.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    This does not suck.

  • Ryan

    Holy shit.

  • dickey

    Jeez. Who is the mystery man who commissioned this?

    • Lex Luthor

      • Graham Sevier

        It’s me!

        • dickey

          Hell yeah! You need to do a kilo on this.

    • Trevor H

      An aficionado of sorts.. I believe he’s had a few similar bikes in his collection that he’s parted with over the years..

  • I can’t believe this bike is real.

  • Ben Ripley

    The reason that Lo Pros have “dwindled” is because they’re banned by the UCI.

    • My understanding is Low Pro frames (700c front and rear) themselves are not banned, as long as the bars / saddle extension is within the limits. Frame design has since shown that you can achieve an aero bike without a forward-sloping top tube. Pursuit bikes with a 650c front however are banned.

  • Is this going to be at the Philly Bike Expo?!

    • AdamEldridge

      Yep. Headed that way!

  • Those wheels man, those wheels.

  • Graham Sevier

    This was all spearheaded by Adam Eldridge at Stanridge. He is a master at planning, coordinating, and executing. This frame and fork were built in approx 10 days (correct me if I’m wrong). It came together very well because of Adams expertise. I really am amazed,

    • dickey

      10 days. Damn, that’s impressive.

  • FireUrEngine

    Can you say bulgin and herniated disks..