Faster than a Bullitt at Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen – Kevin Sparrow

Faster than a Bullitt at Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen
Photos and words by Kevin Sparrow

Welcome to Copenhagen, the mecca of cargo bikes! Well, at least for Bullitt bike owners.

During the 2013 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Lausanne, I had the privilege of meeting the co-founder of Larry vs Harry, Hans Bullitt Fogh. After returning stateside, I joined the LvsH family by purchasing a Bullitt of my own, and I’ve been wanting to visit their operations ever since. A few weeks ago, I was in Copenhagen and finally got that chance.

The company started 9 years ago with the V1 of the Bullitt. Throughout the years, design changes have been made and an accessory line realized in response to customer demands.
The Larry vs Harry storefront, on Frederiksborggade, showcases their entire cargo fleet in all colors and versions. The shop also sells custom built Bullitts and services local ones.
"The Original Bullitt" shop decor.

I also wanted to see their office and warehouse space so I met up with Hans early in the morning for coffee and quick tour. Giving how large the bikes are, their space was unexpectedly small. This is where most of the bikes are built up and prepared for shipping. A special trailer was even made to transport fully built up Bullitts from the warehouse to the shop. Memorabilia, artwork and trophies of past events decorate the office area.
New packaging art (frame box side 1)

I took some photos of the space and commented on some impressive poster illustrations, which prompted Hans to offer me an exclusive first look at their new packaging designs. Like Russian nesting dolls (boxes within a box), each box revealed even more detailed and impressive artwork by Kristian Eskildsen. Seriously, so good.

Larry vs Harry is a company that continuously strives to improve on its products. It was so great to get behind the scenes. Cheers Hans for the tour and good coffee!


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  • barry mcwilliams

    I was so excited to visit, only to find out that Copenhagen closes early on Friday afternoons. I did peer through the windows for a couple minutes. Maybe next time…

    • evan

      exactly the same thing happened to me :( standing like a wierdo hands up on the glass looking in :D

  • ncoffeeneur

    Still need to get one of these!

    • Don’t we all!

    • Stadia

      Just do it…hands down my favorite bike.

  • That box!!!

  • Transit

    Ive been riding and selling the Bullitts for a few months now. The more time I spend riding them the more I like them.

  • Scott Engler

    Definitely my favorite bike as of late, esp for San Francisco hills! So well designed…

    • Chris Valente

      I was thinking how much my daughter would love raging in this thing but the SF hills would be a killer. Did you get an e-assist or just low ass gearing?

      • Scott Engler

        oh yeah, should have mentioned i got the shimano e-steps. works brilliantly and opens up more of the city for you and your daughter.

        • Chris Valente

          Ok that does sound pretty badass. Where did you get it? Looks like they have a dealer in the city.

          • Scott Engler

            blue heron in berkeley can set you up in style…then ride it back to SF via the jack london square ferry.

          • Matt Laroche

            Vie Bikes in SF is where I got my Bullitt! They’re great too.

  • Eric Hancock

    That packaging is so good. I’d want it on my wall.

    • moe

      Totally agree! They should offer prints of this.

  • Daniel Brettschneider
    Fast & lightweight child transport Bullitt! Best cargo bike ever…! :-)

  • STW

    For reals…please sell us the sides of your bike boxes!!!

  • Is that Iggy Pop in Box #2?

  • Riemanello

    Did you visit the other Copenhagen cargo bike maker?

  • Daniel

    In Germany the Bullitt Accessories are not that unbelieveable expensive than in the US (a third of the price I guess)…that applies for all bicycle parts. You pay for a Schwalbe or Continental bicycle tire 100$, in Germany it is just around 35€. It´s even cheaper when the guy in the bike shop is a friend of you. :-)

    • Riemanello

      Yeah that is how they make their money, accessories. They learn that in business school :-)

  • Salim Riley

    The Love is there alright.