APB: My Geekhouse Touring Bike Nov 13, 2016


If you live in Los Angeles, please keep a look out for my Geekhouse touring bike. It was stolen this morning between the hours of 5 – 6:30am from my house. It doesn’t have fenders now and has a basket bag, but is very distinguishable. If you see it, throw a u-lock on it or call Golden Saddle Cyclery (323-661-1174). Leave a comment if you have any questions.

  • Brad Serls

    That’s so shit! Really hope this gets found!!

  • Joe Newton

    “Don’t fuck with another man’s vehicle”

  • Richard Carle

    That sucks! People really seem to like your Geekhouses

  • Tim Guarente

    Noo! The idea of that bike getting a rattlecan makeover is heartbreaking.

  • Dr H

    hope none of your other beautiful bikes were affected! To help others protect their bike…do you mind sharing where it was taken from. Hope not from a closed garage or inside your home. Hope it gets recovered!

  • Pff, no respect. Hope you get it back ASAP!

  • patrick

    Damn, reading this made my stomach drop. Hope it gets found ASAP.

  • PGH_small_adventures

    Oh shit, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a shame people can’t just leave their hands off your bikes.

  • Alex Ryll

    For fucks sake man, I’m sorry. Sharing up here in Chico, every little bit helps…

  • Fred flintstone

    fuck this. keep us informed man. total fucking bullshit

  • Nicholas Tingey

    Dude, I am so heart broken for you. This bike was a huge inspiration for my touring bike. God damn, bike thieves are the scum of the earth.

  • BikeIndex Portland

    Pls. get this registered asap as stolen on bikeindex.org, and keep an eye on all the ‘local sales apps’ like OfferUp, 5miles, letgo etc — we’re finding tons of stolen bikes on these apps, especially OfferUp.


  • Gregory Ralich

    holy cow man so sorry to hear this – i really can’t believe you’re back in this same hell again. unreal

  • Erik_A

    My guess is that at least 10 people have bought from Geekhouse after seeing your various posts on this touring bike. Maybe they can build you an update pro-bono….

  • Doug Landers

    Add some security to that door. Now that the thief knows your bikes are valuable they will be back!

  • Billy Calkins

    Sorry to hear this, all good vibes going towards you and this find.

  • Kyle Deven

    Sorry to hear this, John. Hope this coward gets caught and your bike is returned safely. Fuck that dumb shit.

  • Hope the Internet can find it back for you!

  • Jake Kruse


    • FireUrEngine

      You mean #ThanksBarry Soetero, #ThanksGeorgeSoros

      • Charles Southgate


  • C.Silver

    Terrible! How about hiding a Tile in all of your other awesome bikes from now on? Def. not a end-all solution, but every bit helps.

    • Got any info on this? A link?

      • Erik_A
        • Sucks that it’s so big. If it were smaller, you could drop it in your seat tube (although the metal would probably keep the signal from reaching.)

          • PGH_small_adventures

            Look at Spybike.com too. there are a ton of european companies making versions of these now.

          • Erik_A

            Best to hide it under the saddle somehow.

          • This isn’t a good solution, because tile is a Bluetooth tracker not a GPS tracker. Once it’s outside Bluetooth range it’s basically useless. Tile has a crowdsourcing function which can be very useful but it’s not foolproof because it has to come into Bluetooth range of everyone’s phone, which means no constant realtime tracking. Realistically, that’s not a good solution for anything other than an object that will remain stationary while it’s lost. I highly recommend spybike’s products as linked below. Pricy by they are true GPS trackers and are completely hidden. Especially the seatpost and top cap versions. I had the rear light version on my pashley when I lived in London. They are quality products and will allow the police to track your bike right to the thief or anyone he sells it to.

          • Yeah but it pings to other user’s apps and locates it that way. Which would be useful if tons of people used it…

          • True, I mentioned that function. But you have to be very close to get into Bluetooth LE range. I’m not saying tile is bad in general, but you have to be able to mass an army of friends with the app installed to have any hope, and you could be putting yourself and others in danger in the process. on top of that, unless you hide it, which could severely impact the Bluetooth signal, it would be pretty easy to recognise it as a Bluetooth tracker and even easier to remove it. My strong point to you john, is that if your bikes are at risk of being stolen, you don’t skimp on security. And after shelling out big bucks for custom built bikes, what’s $100 bucks for a true GPS tracker that you could hand over to the police to be able to immediately get back and have the thief arrested? When you’ve dropped serious cash, you need to properly protect your investment. Just some friendly advice from a guy who doesn’t want to see anyone’s bikes stolen, much less someone who is beloved in the community. I really hope you recover your bike mate.

          • I guess I’ve never really been fearful about bikes being stolen. Any experience with a good GPS tracker? Link?

          • Yea as linked below, by PGH, http://www.spybike.com. It’s the best of its type of product and it’s been around the longest. I feel you mate, before I lived in London I also didn’t have that fear (not much bicycle theft here in savannah, GA) but when you’re riding around a city like London on a £2000 bike you don’t take chances. Now thy I’ve dropped serious cash building up my Raleigh I’m considering purchasing another. You never think it will happen to you till it does, you know? Best of luck mate. If I lived in LA, I’d be out there helping you look.

          • Trevor Martin

            After losing 2 bikes back in March due to a break in, I started to look for something smaller, but very similar. Sadly, I found nothing that was able to be hidden in, on or under the bike. If someone out there has the resources…there is a HUGE market out there for something like this.

  • charlesojones

    Really sorry to hear this. As a victim of more than one bike theft over the years, I know, first-hand, that awful feeling you get in your gut when you first discover its missing. Best of luck with the recovery of that very unique and very cool bike.

  • Charles Southgate

    very bummer Geekhouse Prolly curse

  • Andy Long

    This is such bull shit! Good luck man. I’ve had a few things ripped off, now it takes me 10 minutes to lock my bike up before I head in to work. I spent a small fortune replacing almost every bolt on my bikes (2) security bolts. Some guy in SF distributes security bolts, so they might be to ubiquitous there to be of value, but in Iowa they’re worth the extra insurance.

  • Jorge A Morales

    That sucks! Check this out. http://www.sherlock.bike/en/home/

  • Dean

    It would seem like its a pretty uncommon bike – and Geekhouse adds to the limited audience of people in the know – so I’d wager it is someone that knows what its worth, and thinks they can flip it. I doubt it gets rattlecanned, but I’d still check with local and states next door through Craigslist.

    Sorry to hear about this shit, I hate bike thieves more than serial flashers.

  • DaymanDaryl

    Any update on this? :-(

  • Mo Shizzle

    Still gone???

  • Sarkis

    John, sorry the bike is gone. Stealing a mans bike hurts…i experienced it a lot…vandalism as well…..Q:..i am building my own frame now and i was wondering what brand your front rack is…and what bout the mudguards?

  • Sarkis

    Got it: handsome cycles!

  • dan scheie

    Any updates since the bike has been recovered? I recall there was some damage to the bike. Hope to see it again on here soon!