Anna’s Peacock Groove: People’s Choice Philly Bike Expo 2016 – Jarrod Bunk

Anna’s Peacock Groove: People’s Choice Philly Bike Expo 2016
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

There’s something extra special about this bicycle. I guess you could say it’s the deep custom approach that Eric from Peacock Groove takes. Apparently others felt the same, as this bike wasn’t on the official list for People’s Choice for the Philly Bike Expo, but managed to get enough write in votes to take home The People’s Choice award. Anna had been wanting a Peacock Groove for quite some time,this bike was in planning long before the legend was lost. From the logo braze ons, S & S couplers, one off Paul Klampers, right down the the Peacock Groove Headset, everything has been given an extra touch. Eric even polished up a Paul Comp QR! You might notice the lack of cables on the brakes, this bike has already been assembled and ridden a few months ago, Eric had been battling Pneumonia and got this bike painted and together in just two days for the show.

Anna's Peacock Groove-People's Choice PBE16-1

In addition to all of the custom made braze ons, and one off parts the bike is built to a set of HED rims laced to Chris King hubs, with some memorable lyrics, and even a custom Trash Space Junk bag. It was fantastic listening to Anna talk about how excited she was on this bike, stoke is real. Congrats Eric, and enjoy your (now painted) bike Anna!


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  • jtbadge

    Fucking flawless.

    • Cyclo McKenzie

      Sadly, not true. Somebody, be it builder, mechanic or photographer fucked up. Anyone who looks at image no. 13 of top rear tire, seat stays and bridge has got to think “that looks off”. It’s either the frame that is out of whack, the wheel’s dishing that is lacking, its installation that’s askew or just the axis of perspective of the image that’s slightly awry to create the odd impression. While there are different degrees of severity in the potential causes at play, in any case, it is something I do not want to see in the presentation of such a bike. Sorry for being a spoilsport.

      • jtbadge

        It’s clearly the photo being off axis with the rest of the frame, and I hope it was included just to piss off bridge trolls like you.

        • Cyclo McKenzie

          Yeah, I know how it comes off. Not trolling though, just bike-related OCDness. And not so sure as you are about the apparent cause, also its not like I haven’t seen shit like that before.

          • DominicBruysPorter

            looks like it’s the tyre not quite perfectly seated actually. I’m sure once the bead is perfectly settled it won’t look ‘off’.

      • Pretty sure I fucked up, because that bike is super fucking good. But hey thanks either way, I only want to get better, rather than static. I’m just super happy make something people can enjoy.

      • Haffassa Tempt

        I did a double-take on the bridge/tire/stays because something didn’t look right. Maybe it is just the optics. As online viewers who are not actually touching the bike, any speculation to the cause is just that–speculation. Regardless, the bike is amazing (and there is no such thing as too much purple!). But like the Riddler or even a 1,000 point vintage restoration, is perfection actually attainable? Eh, perfection is subjective. What I can most appreciate is that Anna and Erik paired up to create an awesome bike that is worthy of this level of dialogue and contributes to the stoke of our world of bikes.

  • boomforeal

    those (custom?) rotors blow my mind

  • ABW

    First, this bike is amazing. Amazing. But I need to ask an honest question, and I want a discussion, not a bunch of people ragging on me for being “that guy.” A bike like this, where every component has been at least massaged, if not fabricated from scratch, and the bar tape looks like it was finished haphazardly. So on a bike like this, is that intentional? A little “fuck you” like running your headset upside down? In my opinion (and I concede it’s only that), this detail doesn’t fit with the effort put into the rest of the bike, and I want to understand it better. Any insight?

    • I can barely see the bar tape, so I don’t know. What I will say is that white tape + sun = a lot of shadows that might otherwise blend in with say a black bar tape wrap job.

      • mrbiggs

        I’m guessing he’s talking about the Fizik tape to hold the tape. It’s imperfect. Slows the bike down, somewhat. Makes it harder to go fast.

    • It’s because I let Erik Noren wrap the bars…

      Look for the revised build at NAHBS. We aren’t done yet. It gets sillier. xox

      • ABW

        Ha! And fair enough. First, Mr. Noren, if you read this, I mean no disrespect. I listen to your podcast and I know you’re a perfectionist and I worry that you may take this criticism personally. This is a compliment to the high standards you set for yourself. Amazing bike, and a well-deserved award.

        I grew up around hot rods and still pay a lot of attention to them. To me, the pinnacle of craftsmanship is a Riddler award winning car (Google Riddler Award). To win the Riddler these days, every single piece of the car must not only be flawless, but also massaged or fabricated or modified in some way, from the stitching in the upholstery down to the fasteners on the chassis. Every. Single. Piece. The root of my comment is that this bike is getting to that level of craftsmanship (what Mr. Noren refers to as “deep custom”), and that seems to be pretty rare in the bike world.

        Anna – congrats on the bike. I’ve got a lot of respect for you and love that my daughter has strong women like you to look up to.

        • Erik Noren

          HA!!! I JUST HAD THE RIDDLER DISSCUSSION THIS LAST WEEK. I am just glad i didnt die from pneumonia and made it to the show. Sall good.

        • Shucks, guy. Thanks. We do what we can.

          • Andy Moore

            Could gold plate all the silver bits. ;) His Royal Purpleness would def approve!

    • nielubieto’em all

      I don’t share your opinion on this particular bike, but personally been twice that stoked on a new build and just wanted to get riding, that ended up with 1) a bike with an awfully mismatched tape (thin handlebars, sausage-thick-gel wraps with ugly electrical tape), 2) another bike with tape that started to slide down under the shifter mounts ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I didn’t know custom cut brake rotors could be a thing. This is like discovering a new country.

    • Andy Moore

      I wonder if they’re structurally/functionally sound. Anybody know? It could explain the missing brake cables.

      • Yeah, they’re completely sound…

        • Andy Moore

          Wow. Really does open a whole new level of new country-ness, then!

        • Evan Robinson

          No bone burner rotor setup is complete without the reaper stem

          • DominicBruysPorter

            That stem is a blast from the past! They first introduced it a couple ages ago under the name Dirty Dog brand name.

  • boomforeal

    what’s the brazeon/eyelet on the nds seat stay for?

    • Derek

      I’m guessing it is a chain hanger for when the rear wheel is removed. Keeps the chain from hanging against the chainstay.

      • He said non-drive side. There’s a Prince symbol with an eyelet on the NDS seatstay.

        • Derek

          My bad, didn’t see that. I would say fenders or a custom rack in the future.

          • I would think so too, but there’s only one. Unless it’s some kinda Peacock asymmetrical rack.

    • Igor Shteynbuk

      It’s for a rear light

      • boomforeal

        thanks, that makes sense…

  • Rob X

    this is the best bike ever

  • Kevin Mulcahy

    It’d be a better “rain” bike with fenders!

  • Eric Wang

    I went to college with Anna, we haven’t really kept in touch since then and this post just reminded me to friend her on the ‘book. She’s one rad lady, and that bike fits her personality perfectly!

  • This is some next level shit right here.

  • Gordon M

    Phenomenal craftsmanship. Beautiful bike in every way. And yes, those rotors….

  • Tim Guarente

    I love how the chainring’s polished face mimics a half-step chainring. So nice overall, too.

    • joshhh

      I think you’re thinking of skip-tooth, but I agree that it looks cool!

  • FireUrEngine

    Sweet motha!

  • Joshua Eric Sawyer

    I can’t handle how well-executed this bike is. From the rotors to the water bottle bosses… good shit.

  • Richard

    “You sexy motherfucker” indeed! And: chain hanger! (Wish these were still the norm.) And how about those asymmetrical seat stays? Cool design, I don’t care if it mucks with the ride (and why would it?) – sweet creative detail. Officially stopped in my tracks by this one.

  • Simply amazing! Now, after Annas comment, I’m curious to see the new, ‘improved’ (aka sillier) version at NAHBS.

    • Get excited. We’ll go crazy. We’ll get nuts.

  • Jon

    Well if that isn’t one of the hottest rides I have ever seen! Prince would be stunned. Truely one “Sexy Mo Fo”.

  • JPspin

    And now it all makes sense. Could this bike have ever been for anyone else?

  • stringa

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but this strikes me as a little too… matchy-matchy. The level of fabrication work here is phenomenal. Mind-blowing. Game changing. I know it’s ridiculous to accuse a Prince tribute of being “too purple,” but there are other elements on the Purple Rain cover it would be super cool to see pulled in– especially the floral pattern on the back side/borders and the yellow-orange lighting/drop shadow on the title. Again, no disrespect intended; this bike is amazing. I saw it in person, it’s legendary. But how sick would it look with hydro-dipped floral print fenders and orange ano spokes? I hope something along those lines makes it into the NAHBS incarnation!

  • Rom Woodhouse

    Those bottle cage bosses made me laugh out loud. What a joyous bike!

  • Maria Benson

    Anna, this is AMAZING!!

  • kermitonwheels


  • I know I’m certainly in the minority, maybe I stand alone. while I recognise the incredible work that has gone into this bike, and I appreciate all the details, but setting aside the fact I’m not a fan of purple, I just don’t care for the design. it’s overwhelming, there’s too many details, too much of everything. I’m a minimalist for sure, and this design is just very overbearing to me. But this isn’t out of the typical design realm of peacock groove bikes. Incredible craftsmanship, just not my style at all.

  • zory

    So frickin rad! I love it! Peacock Groove is the shit!

  • Mark Robinson

    Any bike with a chain pip will have something going for it. Like a bit of soul for starters….

    Beautiful bike.