A Shifter Bikes Gilded Eddy Merckx Professional with Campagnolo 50th

It’s been over years since I’ve been to Australia, so I made a point to connect with a few of my mates in Melbourne while en route to Tasmania. One of which being Dan Hale at Shifter Bikes, a bicycle studio in South Yarra. Two years ago I shot some photos of a rare gold plated Eddy Merckx Professional at Shifter Bikes and on this recent trip, I got to document the bike, built from the ground up with a Campagnolo 50th group.

A Shifter Bikes Gilded Eddy Merckx Professional with Campagnolo

While most bikes of this rarity would end up on the wall, the owner of this Merckx enjoys riding it , hence the modern pedals and non-period correct seat post. I suppose when you come across a frame like this, you’ve gotta do what you can to make it road-worthy (just ignore the front tire) and the result is a bike with a patina that comes from years of continued use.

  • Loppestre

    Gorgeous. Bikes are meant to be ridden! My daily driver is a vintage Merckx.

  • Rob Spaans-Vlam

    Please change and of the brake pad holders from the front and rear.

  • Walton Brush

    Dude, this is so awesome. So sick. So tight that it still gets out on rides :) Just perfect. So rad!

  • supr3mo

    It’s not Monday, but I’m not complaining.

  • Eric Hancock

    Love this. But that front tire makes me nervous.

  • pretty hard to imagine the owner actually riding this bike with those tyres mounted. Why?

  • kermitonwheels

    I’ve a feeling that if he’s riding it then it’s with a diffeent set of wheels.

  • AdamBike99

    Here’s a wager!
    What makes the owner crash his brains out first (probably while screaming down some awesome descent)?
    1. The front tire blows
    2. The reversed brake pads eject

    Otherwise, such a cool machine with lovely patina. Crazy to think how long ago that 50th Anniversary group came out…

    • Francesco M Belfiore

      lol the blocks are fixed.. replaceable ones didn’t exist yet!

      • AdamBike99

        You’re obviously betting on the tire blowout then… ;-)

  • DominicBruysPorter

    That’s some serious BB drop, also, i can’t help but suspect that that’s a lacquered chrome rather than a gold plate. but what do i know. Glad it’s getting ridden and not in some pope’s closet.