A Shifter Bikes 1990 Team Z TVT Carbone Lemond with C-Record

For Lemond fans, few models hold the same cult-classic appeal like the 1990 Team Z TVT Carbone race bikes. Made in France by TVT these aluminum and carbon machines were made famous by their bright fluorescent paint jobs, Team Z insignia and Scott racing cockpit. Yes, these bikes are legendary. There are even Lemond fansites walking collectors through the process of building up this very bike.

A Shifter Bikes 1990 Team Z TVT Carbone Lemond with C-Record

Dan at Shifter Bikes took on this project for a customer, who sourced Campagnolo C-Record, the Scott bars, NOS hubs and hoops, allowing dan to assemble this bike over a two-year timeline. As you can imagine, projects like this are not cheap and are labor-intensive but like all good projects, they’re worth the wait.

The finished project is road-worthy, with latex filled tubies, allowing for peace of mind on a Sunday spin.

  • What a bike! Lovin’ these old roadie features…you should visit Dan more often.

  • Bring back weird bars.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    I can’t believe I never realized this was a carbon bike…..

    • bielas

      The Z team also had Reynolds steel frames with the same geo and paint job, so from a distance looked the same

      • NickV

        I own a Columbus SL Team Z frame and have only ever seen Cromor, SL and TSX frames, who made the Reynolds versions?

        • bielas

          Sorry, you are right, not sure why I said that… the Z team steel frames used Columbus tubing of course

  • Brad Beadles

    whats the purpose of the tabs on the brakes

    • Made centering / adjusting the pads easier.

      • Maciek

        Actually, they allowed quicker wheel changes during races, hence the name “tyre guides”.

  • D.J. Bolles

    I was driving through Blue Bell,PA. and drover past a pack of riders.The leader was definitely on a Lemond and it had these bars. Head turners like that aren’t good while driving.

  • bielas

    Lemond was already riding this frame (disguised as a Bottecchia) the previous year 1989. Easy to see as the left the aluminum lugs unpainted as in the Z team bike.
    And, Miguel Indurain from Banesto team also used the same TVT frame in the following years to win the Tour as well, at least in 1991 and 1992. Only for the mountain stages, and painted over in white disguised as the official Pinarello (but again easy to see the TVT lugs)

  • Tim Guarente

    What is the grub screw in the back of the seat cluster for (pic no. 5)?

    • DaymanDaryl

      Eye think ewe kan remove the seastays!

  • DaymanDaryl

    I rode those Scott Drop Ins for years on an old commuter bike in southern California to blast down the Santa Ana River Trail (SART). They are hands down the best way to fight headwinds, but also crazy flexy!

  • Nick Meulemans

    Color me a fan…plus the “ergo mod” on the Scott bars! Yes!

  • Sascha

    Non original era Campagnolo headset…oh the shame! ;)

    • The previous owner cut the steerer too short for the Campag SR HS. Only a Shimano would fit.

  • kermitonwheels

    Whe did they get the NOS Coke bidons??

  • floody

    That is intense!

  • AdamBike99

    Delta V brakes.
    But so damn sexy!
    Great build Dan!

  • Mike

    man this is so fucking awesome

  • Sean Talkington

    Are these still considered “safe” to ride?

    • Mike

      yes as long as the joints haven’t succumb to galvanic corrosion/separation. Had a Look that it happened to. tubes detach from lugs and there ain’t no fixin that. One day I was riding it and began to bob up and down and sure enough the seat tube had corroded and separated away from the bb lug.

  • Eli Collins

    Please do a write up on those Merckx bikes with the RockShox forks you posted a couple of days ago on the gram. They are so intriguing.