Matt Reyes Pizza Ride in NYC Oct 24, 2016

I haven’t laughed so hard at a video in a long time. Good looks Matt and Terry!

  • Robert Mead

    eat pizza, ride fissa

  • FireUrEngine

    Cool stunts, but no regards to his life! This is why cyclists in NYC get a bad rap!

    • He’s got bike control and can ride within traffic. People just hate everyone in NYC, cyclists get hated even when they’re obeying all the rules. He’s just having a bit of fun in gridlock. No harm done.

  • foilpan

    i could do without the pizza slap on the cab’s hood and swipe on the bus. it’s a waste of perfectly good pizza and also disrespectful.

  • Benito McNamara

    matt is so fun to watch. unreal bike control. I have no idea how the wheelie at 00:15 happens. It just pops up into his hands.

  • Alex Cheek

    So much slice dangle!

  • Stadia

    Havent laughed that hard in while? Probably wouldn’t be laughing if that was your cruiser getting pizza slapped.