The Rawland Cycles ULV Is a Bikepacking Slayer

Rawland had a reboot recently, resulting in two frames, the RAVN and the ULV. While the ULV is a 27.5+ drop bar bikepacking rig, the RAVN is an all-road, meant for more traditional touring. Both of these bikes use chunky rubber tires and drop bars and are part of Rawland’s Berserkerverks line, featuring a porteur rack with light mounts, and 12×148 Thru-Axle disc brakes. Both the ULV and RAVN look like tanks, but I was impressed with the weight, or lack thereof. A lot of bikes like this are light on the eyes, yet heavy on the hands, but not these Rawlands.

The Rawland Cycles ULV Is a Bikepacking Slayer

Both the ULV and the RAVN are available for pre-order now at Rawland, as both a complete for $2,999 and a frameset for $950*. Expect more to come as samples become available for review. I’m stoked to see Rawland back at it.

*kickstand not included. ;-)

  • Óðinn

    Sweet. Want.

  • Chris W

    Killer rig with some cool details! Loving that ‘Adventure’ sticker..

    • That was #315 in the “Adventure meter” count down.

    • Julius

      I was just thinking that I love the bike but could certainly do without an ‘Adventure’ sticker in a runic font…

  • JP Coates

    I hope they sell that rack separate. Want.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    No provisions for fenders on the ULV? That seems like a big miss….

    • I dunno… 3″ tires and fenders?

      • Kerry Nordstrom

        If I’m going to do a “One bike to rule them all”, at some point in its life I might also set the bike up with relatively wide 650bs and fenders. The NFE is a shining example of a bike that can be set up as a capable singletrack/bikepacking explorer as well as an adept commuter.

        • For sure. I understand, but pardon my ignorance, who makes a fender that will cover a 3″ tire? AND still fit in the already cramped chainstay / chainring area? That’s the kicker. You either have a 440 or 450 CS and run fenders or run a 420CS and have a shredding bike but no fender clearance.

          I don’t have fender mounts on my rigid or my hardtail, so why would I want one on this? Aside from the drop bars, this is a MTB.

          • Kerry Nordstrom

            Short answer: Not everyone lives in LA.

            Long answer: Full fenders are an essential part of PNW riding and if you don’t have them 60% of the year, you’re going to be doing a lot of soaked, solo rides. If that’s your bag, then shred away!

            Secondarily, I wasn’t suggesting year round use of fenders on the bike…I was just saying that during part of the year, 3″ tires would be just right, and the remainder, 2.25″ and fenders. if you’re going to own a wacky bike, it might as well be as versatile as possible.

            Lastly, if you’re new to mountain biking, I guess this could qualify as one. My recommendation to anyone looking to try MTB is to get a slack hardtail with a forgiving suspension if they want to maximize fun.

        • joshhh

          I’m not sure who makes them, but Jones has fenders on at least a couple of his Plus builds with 3″ tires:

          This bike also has more clearance at the chainstay/BB area than many other fender compatible bikes. This space looks (relatively) huge, for example:

          I get people not wanting the braze-ons if they won’t be using them, but that front derailleur braze-on is sorta unsightly and could have been avoided if this were a minimal bike, but there are plenty of braze-ons that won’t be used by everyone.

          I am pretty firmly a fender dork, though :P

        • The Ravn is our take on this “one bike,” with clearance for fatter tires with fenders [26×55, 650×48, etc.] For the Ulv you can always run MTB-style mudguards from PDW, AssSavers, and the like.

      • trevor g

        maybe in california that seems odd, but here in oregon fenders are beneficial about 5 months of the year. on loaded trips im often alright with cutting some comforts, but pretty much leave my fenders on my touring/ packing rig all year round. dont know why going from 2.3 to 3.0 would change that

    • Mark Aceto

      Check out the Ravn: “And while optimized for 26″x55mm and/or 650Bx42mm with fenders (effective outer diameter of wheel approximately 670mm), the Ravn can also run up to 650Bx58mm and 700Cx44mm sans fenders.”

  • Mark McGrath

    Are those dropouts the same ones you can get from Nova? – so in essence someone could replace those with horizontals and go single speed?

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    Does it come with the sword? The sword makes it a total game changer. Nothing says “adventure” like charging singletrack, fully loaded, swinging some heavy metal!

    • Protection from large wild mamals

  • mjsenz

    Anyone know of a rack available similar to this one with the same mounts?

    • johngruber

      This rack is going to be sold separately. Available soon!

      • Wanhala

        I will take one!

    • Zach Roeder

      The Haulin Colin Porteur rack is similar.

      • Sascha

        $300 for a porteur rack…ouch!

    • DaymanDaryl

      Try the Surly 24 Pack Rack.

  • DaymanDaryl

    Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) does vaporware like Rawland. Lolz!