Sunday Shredders Sep 18, 2016




Summer is relentless here in Southern California. With temperatures spiking into 100º in LA today, Ty from Golden Saddle, Tom from Stinner Frameworks and I decided to ride in the mountains in hopes of there at least being a breeze. Needless to say, the only things blowing in the wind were those two. Check out a few more photos below!






  • Ace Metric Cycles

    this set! hell yes man!

  • Harry

    Nice use of B&W. Its just nice sometimes!

  • shapethings

    need to get to Idyllwild to escape the heat. Higher elevation keeps it cool. Super rad spot to ride, but probably need a guide since nothing is marked. About 2 hours from LA and absolutely worth the trip.

    • Nice! I need to check it out. Do you live there?

      • shapethings

        I’m in the bay area now, but my friend who knows the mountain super well lives in LA and goes there every few months. Rad high alpine environment with trails spanning everything from fast flowy pump to big rounded granite boulder trails. Need to get back there myself. I’ll DM you on twitter his email. Not sure why that place doesn’t get more love (probably just too far from LA and SD to get the high volume traffic).

        • donttest

          When I used to live in Glendale, I’d always head up to Big Bear. The trail system is a bit bigger than Idyllwild and easier to navigate if you’re from out of town. I love the north part of the south shore when it’s hot; it’s usually shaded. And often more than not, if it’s hot that means thunder storms and showers up high.