Jump Around with Kyle and His Niner RIP 9 RDO

Bounce, bounce, bounce. Every time I’ve ridden mountain bikes with Kyle over the past year, he’s barely had both wheels on the ground. He’s been riding a carbon Niner RIP 9 RDO, with Shimano XT and all the dressings of one of Niner’s three-star build. It’s still an expensive bike, when compared to something like a hard tail, yet the $5,700 pricetag doesn’t pinch as much as some other full suspension bikes featured here on the site in years past.

Jump Around with Kyle and His Niner RIP 9 RDO-11

This is not a bike review. You see, writing reviews for bikes like this is tough. Kyle didn’t want to do one because he feels like putting your opinion out there about how fun or un-fun a bike is can be tricky. It’s completely subjective and as far as he’s concerned, the proof is in the pudding. That pudding just so happens to be a photo gallery filled with lots of air and fun lines, along with a nice and sated steed set up upon a saddle in the Angeles National Forest.

I agree with Kyle in some regards. Writing detailed, analytical reviews of bikes where millimeters, half a º in angles and other minutiae often result in a lot of banter about what makes a bike “fun” or “shreddy” can sometimes deter a really valuable discussion and finite point: run what you brung.

Jump Around with Kyle and His Niner RIP 9 RDO-29

While Kyle doesn’t enjoy tech writing anymore than I do, I will say he makes this bike look fun with ease. Oh and we’ll both agree on one thing: go to your local dealer’s demo days, try out a lot of bikes and when you’re ready to buy one, go to your local shop and buy one. Just make sure when and if you do, ride with a smile on your face, say “howdy” to people on the trail and obey the common courtesies.

Jump Around with Kyle and His Niner RIP 9 RDO-34

Over and out!

  • Evan Robinson

    shit looks ROWDY

  • Robert Mead

    What is the strap under the saddle?

    • johngruber

      Looks like a back country research race strap.

      • Robert Mead

        thank you :)

  • Ray Juncal

    You guys have too much fun…

  • Ray Juncal

    A bag under your saddle may not be a style thing but that tube exposed to the elements will rot out faster than you might think. Don’t ask me how I know.

    • Ray, what elements! It never rains here! See ya soon man!

      • joshhh

        Sun (not inclement weather) is the real damage doer.

  • tb

    Photo #10. Is that a Deore brake or an XT brake? I see signs of both. I like this set, mainly because I ride a RIP9 (alloy), use a tube strap with tire lever and CO2, and I’ve recently started using a waist pack. Oh yeah, and I like to hop and pop everything in sight too.

    Party Damn it!!!!

  • Jonathan

    seems like a super steep HTA for a modern trail bike.

    • Evan Robinson

      that’s what makes the shredding so impressive. Stubby stem, 2.4, big fork, wide bars. Rowdy enhancers

    • AaronBenjamin

      66.5º is not too steep. I’ve got a 67º on my 29er and it’s purrrrfect. And I can actually climb steep stuff without a nasty floppy feel.

  • breed007

    “go to your local dealer’s demo days, try out a lot of bikes and when you’re ready to buy one, go to your local shop and buy one. ”

    I need a card that says this to hand to people that ask me what bike they should buy.

  • Sretsok

    Does Kyle have moto experience? He’s got some pretty sick style.

    • BMX and rollerblading lol

    • breed007

      I would have guessed BMX. But it’s funny how you can tell what someone’s background is pretty quickly after watching them on a MTB.

  • carterofmemphis

    I like a lot about this write up. Awesome shots @johnprolly:disqus! And super awesome riding Kyle. Can’t wait to see this thing out on the trail.

  • G

    #25… The light is so awesomely captured!

  • Juan Cool Romance

    siqué set

  • d rad

    where do i get that “party damn it” sticker? that is amazeballs

    • I just photoshopped out the “pedal” and replaced it with “party” – all Niners have the “Pedal Damn It” decal on the top tube.

  • Taino Dominguez

    What size is that Niner RIP and how tall are you. Getting a Niner RIP 9 RDO 29 online and trying to decide between a L or XL. I’m 6’2 so I fall right in be cusp.