Golden Saddle Rides: Tod’s Two Classic Cielos

Returning customers are a true testament to a brand’s quality. A few years back, Tod ordered a Cielo Cross Classic frame through Golden Saddle Cyclery and had the guys build it up to act as an inner-city singletrack machine and commuter. He went with Ultegra, a SON hub, an S3 lamp and Paul Mini Moto brakes. In the time that’s passed, Tod’s put a good amount of beausage on this bike, showing first hand how much he’s been riding it. When the time came for him to order a road bike, he looked at the Cielo Sportif, a classic road bike with clearance for bigger tires. Again, he chose Ultegra and Chris King for the components, with Velo Orange Gran Cru brakes and those nice n plump Compass 32mm Stampede Pass tires.

Tod's Two Classic Cielos

Photographing two bikes like this, one new and one that has been loved and ridden for years is a special occasion for me. Especially when you can flip between the two drive-side photos. I can’t wait to see how Tod’s Sportif looks after a few years of use!


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.


  • Wade

    Lovely bikes, those skewers on the Sportif look clean and classy, anyone know what they are?

    • Xander Dolan

      Campy record skewers from the late 90’s

      • hans

        always thought they were the best looking skewers

  • abelincoln

    Awesome pair of bikes. Lucky guy.

  • Fear Rothar

    I’m guessing that Tod drilled the fork crown himself to provide a light mount? The crown on my wife’s ‘Cross Classic is undrilled, so I’m just curious.

    • Cameron

      I’ve got a Cross Classic I bought from Chris King in 2013 and mine is/was drilled from the factory ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • hansgman

    What size are these frames? I like the proportion I’m guessing 55cm-ish?

  • I’ve never met a Cielo I didnt like. What a great pair!

  • Wow! Such a great set!

  • noob_sauce

    Those VO brakes are such lookers.

  • Peter Chesworth

    These bikes have such beautiful visual balance. The intersection of seat stays and collar is utterly resolved. It is always nice to see a SON hub. Once tried, you will never go back.

  • DaymanDaryl

    Classic? How old are these bikes? When did the Cielo brand launch?

    • The frames are named “Sportif” and “Cross Classic” – they’re non 44mm heat tube, non-disc bikes in an age where the nomenclature is the latter.