Diamondback is Killing It Sep 16, 2016

Yes, I just said that. Between this and the Haanjo, I’m paying attention.

  • tb

    I agree, DB is killing it! Nice job!

  • Burn Dawg

    The elusive Chubby Bobcat even makes a cameo. #itsnotabikeshop


      Haha FINALLY someone noticed! I tried to be low-key.
      -Guy In The Video

  • Smithhammer

    “It’s fun, and good for you. It let’s you leave your worries behind, and focus on the possibilities ahead.”

    Amen, Bill.

  • Kyle Deven

    I really do love that man.

  • almazing

    DB is killing it! I know there’s a stigma with the name, but they’re re-inventing themselves. I didn’t considered getting a DB, until I saw the Haanjo Trail Carbon. I now own one and it’s the perfect one bike quiver. And not only that, they undercutting their competitors’ prices by a large margin whilst offering excellent components. I hope people see that the days of ‘low quality, department store brand’ is over. Keep it up DB.

  • Matt O’Donnell

    What I want to know is: what is that killer blazer with elbow pads he’s wearing?!

  • Bryan

    Had DB and Bill Nye teamed up like this earlier, I may have actually worn a helmet as a kid.

  • Blake Cutherell

    Bill Nye sprinting in the drops, priceless.

  • OJV

    I want a Haanjo Carbon pretty badly, and the EXP is especially tempting…if it had Rival Hydro I would have pulled the trigger already…holding out to see if will show up.

  • carter

    I’m really torn between this and the Niner RLT for my girlfriends bike.

  • Patrick

    Someone gets a raise at Diamond Back for changing the culture and building relevant bikes. I dig this simplification video for the new biker, well done for our sport. #StillWantAnMX

  • i don’t understand the bad rep they’ve gotten. ok, so they sold some shit in sporting goods stores… and it was shit. but they never stopped making higher end stuff, and it was always the same as any other old bike manufacturer trying to stay relevant.

    i’ve owned several diamondbacks, and the only one that let me down was my hexed response 29er. i sold it to a friend for dirt cheap as a single speed, and it got stolen the next week. fuck that thing.

  • Dustin Helfrich

    Can we talk about how the bike shop guy is wearing a Team Dream Team cap though?

  • kermitonwheels

    Thats just so good.