Compass Fattens up their 700c Offering with the Snoqualmie Pass Sep 9, 2016


The tire label says it all: Compass design, Panaracer construction in a width we can all get behind. Check out the Compass Bicycle Blog for more information on these sick tires!

  • Kevin

    Oooh, awesome! So floaty! Think there’s *any* way I can shoehorn this into my ENVE CX fork? I thought I remembered it saying 42 or 43MM max, but am wondering if I just imagined that.

    • I’m prettttty sure these will fit. Compass tires run a bit on the small side. I’m ordering a pair from GSC today and will keep ya posted.

      • trololo

        according to the comments these are 43mm with tubes / 44-45mm tubeless on 23-25mm wide rims. Although I’d love to see another data point in case I can squeeze these in on a space horse.

        • btompkins0112

          I hope so! I am running Easton R90SL rims so that may make them a little tight on my Cross Racer……I love my 38mm Pasela’s but a few more mm is ALWAYS welcome!

        • Juche Belieber

          These should fit a space horse fine. I have 45mm wide fenders on mine so these tyres should fit if i took those off.

        • Radford Dickson

          I want the mm on my space hits so bad. Did you ever find out if they fit? I’ve gut hed Belgium pluses which are 25mm so I’m thinking no.

          • trololo

            yeah dude, they totally work. I don’t have a HED Belgium plus in the back but I imagine it’ll still be gravy.

          • Radford Dickson

            Good to hear. I’m gunna pull the trigger. Thanks. You running tubeless?

          • trololo


      • I want to squeeze them into a Double Cross, but I doubt it’s enough clearance.

  • ABW

    These would make my Glitter Dreams Straggler classy as fuck, right?

  • Fred flintstone

    i just threw barlow pass tires on my bike for the golden colorado gran fondo. since it was mostly road, I decided to pick em up instead of using my rock n road. lovin em!

  • Frank

    Hi. Does anyone out there know if these would fit on a Ritchey Swiss Cross? Thanks!

  • Evan Robinson

    Fire Ride with Me

  • Ben Van Dyke

    Mounted these on my Cross Check last night at 55 PSI. First commute on them this morning started great, feel really plush and fast. Of course I flatted about halfway through on a big shard of glass. Hopefully it’s an outlier, I really enjoyed how they ride otherwise.