Andrew the Maker’s Tube Sack Sep 15, 2016




Even if you’re running tubeless, you still need to carry tubes and for big, all-day rides, sometimes that means you’re carrying extras. Andrew the Maker recently designed a Tube Sack that utilizes the triangle underneath your seat stays, just above your tire. It carries a tube, a co2, tire lever and anything else you can cram into it. The Tube Sack’s design wedges in without any thigh rub and keeps your tubes free of road grit and debris.

Head over to Andrew the Maker’s shop for more information and ordering. They run $35 in a pre-order that’s shipping out mid-October. Shipping is included in the price! Also, if you like the looks of that nifty TownieSyndicate lever, it holds a 4mm, 5mm hex, with a 25 torx and 2 phillips, all in a tire lever’s compact size. Best of all, portions of the proceeds from sales on the lever go to fight lung cancer.

  • Alex Wichman

    I41 in black, going to it put on my latest all-road build!

  • Francisco Alvarez

    That towniesyndicates design is so good one could say it’s breathtaking

    • Townie Syndicate

      aw shucks. thanks.

  • No black? Or sold out already?

    • looks like the only one he still has is the “black xpac.”

    • Andrewthemaker

      Modified the inventory since the black sold out so fast. Only 2 left if you’re quick!

  • Brett Bohstedt

    Hey — What is that tail light?

  • An awesome product- are you liking the Cazadero on the rear of your Woodville? Are there situations where it works better than the Barlow Pass or the Rock n Road? What are you running on the front? Fantastic stuff as usual, thanks!

    • For the fire roads around here, the Barlow Pass tire don’t have enough grip, in my experience. The Cazadero / Rock N Road combo were what was on my Firefly before I took them off to put on the Sawtooth tires for Japan.

      • Thanks for the info! I’ve kind of felt the same way, I’d like a little more grip for the New Mexican fire roads as well. Looking to try some RnRs next, maybe a Cazadero in the back.

        But the Barlow Passes are absolutely cushy on the pavement…

      • trololo

        dang, I want to like the Sawtooths but ~615g weight is pretty up there

  • ap

    what brand/model is that tube/lever retention band device ? So sick!

  • Alex Rhino

    I was just looking at my bike yesterday and was like I wonder if that space could be utilized and why nobodys really made anything. Not exactly what I was picturing but same concept.

  • Does anyone know what kind of bag Nils uses in this space on his LHT? See below:

    • carter

      To my knowledge he made a few bags himself. This may very well be one of them.