We Met Found in the Mountains for Margaritas and Fish Tacos

With group rides in Los Angeles, ya never know what you’re going to get. As I was packing the night before for this ride, my girlfriend asked me how many people I thought would show up. My response: either 20 or 4. In my experience, the latter is easier to manage, especially when rides like this include around 30 miles of inner-city road riding, yet I have wrangled enough cats to know how to deal with larger groups as well.

While half of this ride is indeed on sealed roads, the 30 that is on dirt is some of the finest Los Angeles has to offer. Dirt Mulholland takes you in the Santa Monica Mountains and intersects miles upon miles of singletrack and fire roads. You could literally spend days riding in the mountains, provided you’ve got access to water.

Up and around to Eagle Rock

Four people showed up in the morning. Four new faces, two of which were tourists, who happened to find themselves in LA this weekend. We met up for coffee and left 15 minutes behind schedule to allow any Saturday morning stragglers to roll up. Confident with our group’s size, we headed out through Hollywood and up Nichols Canyon Road, a climb that is often hectic during the week, yet at 7:30am on a Saturday was quite peaceful. With our heads down and in a paceline, we snaked our way to the dirt and that’s where the fun began.

After casually spinning through the mountains, we dropped down to the Pacific Coast Highway via Topanga Canyon HWY 27 and met up with Found in the Mountains at the Reel Inn for fish tacos, margaritas, and stories.

Sandy beach group photo

The ride home is always interesting. If you’re visiting LA as a cyclist, it’s a great way to see the places you’ll probably never want to visit again. This includes: Beverly Hills, Melrose, Rodeo Drive and most of Hollywood. As we zig-zagged our way back to the east side, I found it funny how our caravan of cyclists were keeping pace with luxury cars, busses, motorcycles and other vehicles, once again proving that the bicycle is always the best form of transportation in a city.

Transportation and a vehicle for socializing along 60 miles of fun on a Saturday morning.

  • Eric Spinney

    Im sort of surprised by the small turn out! I guess most of the readers are from other places?

    • A lot of the locals / my friends who would normally go on rides like this were out of town or had plans already. Also, the early start didn’t help. 6:30 is early for Saturday morning rides.

      • Eric Spinney

        Ahh yes, the August hiatus that most people go on. We experience the same thing here on the east coast.

        Either way the ride looked fun and I wish I could have come along!

      • Max Wunderlich

        I was totally gonna come! but… the snooze button got the best of me.

    • Jimmy

      I would have loved to come, but yeah, I live in Germany, and right now I’m touring in Bolivia :) I wish that back in Berlin we had more of scene based around riding on dirt… but then again, we don’t have as much dirt as you spoilt ameicans with your vast expanses of epic nature!! I’ll keep my eye out for another group ride when I come your way.

  • That Nano sticker tho!

  • leeon

    TOTALLY saw you guys rolling through beverly hills!!!!

    • Nice! We were probably quite the scene. :-)

  • RIck

    What a great couple, bummed to miss a chance to ride with them. Really enjoy their IG feed.

  • Area45

    Awesome. Looks like a great day.

    • Super solid! See you Wednesday!

      • Area45

        Hope so!

  • Cooper Mittelhauser

    ….anyone else wish they could reach through the screen to peel off that sun-dried leg skin?

  • Ben Van Dyke

    Chill ride, chill group, perfect way to spend a Saturday. Thanks for putting together a great ride!

  • Whoah, that cross-check is so good!

  • Great little piece, John. Morgan and Steph, you two are wearing the miles well!

    • Thanks Pete! Of course, by “wearing the miles well”, you must mean “you look even more pink than usual”.

      • Actually I meant you both look healthy and happy (actually you look skinny, Morgan – eat a cracker!). But also a bit pink ;)

  • Josh Caffrey

    Bummed I missed it!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Super-bummed I couldn’t be there.

  • patrick

    Totally missed out because I had to work…at a bike shop! Aha. Next time!

  • Sergio

    Hey guys, just moved to LA and am interested in joining the next group ride. Can anyone tell me where to find them?

    • I’ll post all the group rides I know about here on the site, or on the @TheRadavist Instagram!

  • shankshiv

    Thanks for Strava link.
    Pasted this route to my Garmin.
    Planning on October visit to check up on my kid who recently moved out to Silver Lake.
    Am a Chicago flatlander and cant even imagine those climbs.

    • Oh they’re fine. Holler when you’re here!