Gettin’ the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty


Gettin’ the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

Centerlock disc, XD driver compatible, thru axles, tubeless-ready, 29mm wide and 28mm deep. These details a few years ago might have had more in common with a XC MTB wheel than a ‘cross or all road bike but alas, technology has changed and specs are slowly migrating over from flat bars to drop bars. The Reynolds ATR, or all terrain road, wheels are carbon fiber wheels meant to take you from paved roads to dirt and vice versa. They’re light and resilient but best of all, they won’t bottom out your credit card.

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

Who are These Wheels Made For?

If you’re a diehard roadie who occasionally rides a dirt road or two, you should set your cursors towards the Attack or Assault disc wheels. Their profiles and layups are designed to be more of a disc road wheel, suitable for racing and climbing. The ATR wheels might look like a standard issue ‘cross wheel, but they’ve got a few key details making them much more.

It begins with their layup. Reynolds looked to their mountain lineup to guide their layup decisions with the ATR. By using their MR5, or Mountain Rim 5 layup design, they can ensure the ATR wheels can take a beating without having to throw them in the truing stand afterwards. They’re made for rough roads, tracks or trails where your ability to choose the smoothest line might be compromised by excessive speed or unstable conditions. Or because, you know, you’re on a cross bike riding singletrack! If you like wide, MTB-style rims and big, fat tires, these are for you. Don’t even bother putting a 28mm tire on them.

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty


Reynolds lists the ATR’s assets as follows:

Tubeless Set: 1535g* weights are estimates of the lightest possible configuration.
Width: External: 29.00 mm , Internal: 21.00 mm
Rim Depth: 28.00 mm
Braking: Disc Brake
Spokes: 24 front / 24 rear
Spoke Pattern: Front: 2X Rear Non Drive: 2X
Nipples: Reynolds External Alloy
Hub: Reynolds Racing Straight-Pull Center Lock
Compatibility: Center Lock Rotor

The ATR wheels are made in China, but developed and prototyped in Utah. Hence the affordable pricepoint.

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

How I’ve Been Using Them

Here in Los Angeles, I have dirt options just a mile or two from my house, where I can climb fire roads or bomb singletrack, all with this bike and a 43mm tire. For me, riding on pavement to the dirt isn’t a race against the clock. I take my time and casually spin to my destination. Never did I notice or feel like the ATRs were sluggish and rightfully so. At around 1535 grams, they’re not heavy by any means and I really didn’t have to think about them at all. Isn’t that what you want in a wheel?

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

Maintenance and Feel

Unlike my ENVE M50 wheels, the spoke nipples on the ATR are outside the rim, making it easy to true them on the road or trail without having to take off the tire, rim strip and get sealant all over the place. Not that I’ve had to even touch my M50s or these ATR wheels, but it’s nice to know if and when it does happen, it’ll be a quick and painless process. Knock on wood.

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

While I usually ride a made in the USA hub, the Reynolds straight pull hubs feel great in terms of engagement and have left nothing to be desired in terms of performance. Again, not having to worry about your equipment is the key to a smooth ride.

Bang for Your Buck

In a world where carbon wheels can quickly cost you an arm and a leg, it’s nice to have an option for the $1 per gram range. The ATR wheels cost $1,550 and weigh 1535 grams. They come with a quick-release or thru-axle kit and everything you need to set them up tubeless, minus sealant. There’s even a XD driver available. No special tools are needed and you can be rolling in minutes. I’ve set up tubeless and non-tubeless spec’d tires easily without any burping or air leaking.

Gettin' the Reynolds ATR Carbon Disc Wheels Dirty

Critiques and Future Usage

Personally, I prefer brass nipples. I’m not a wheel builder or engineer, but am notoriously hard on gear, so having brass nipples helps with maintenance but as I said, I haven’t had to touch them. Time will tell. Other than that, one aesthetic qualm: The decals on these wheels are pretty gaudy straight out of the box and for obvious reasons, I haven’t removed them. I guess they’re not so bad once they’re covered in dirt but since they’re not die-cut, they do look pretty cheap. That’s really it. In the future, depending on how long I get to demo these wheels, I’d race them in ‘cross and take on trails with confidence, as well as more of my favorite all-day dirt rides. I could even see doing some touring on them without worry, even with the 24-hole spoke count.


The ATR wheels are in stock now and ready to order through your local rep. See more information and technical mumbo jumbo at Reynolds.