Ride to the Beach with Your Board and Brews on the Poler Surf Jammer

While fatbikes might be at home in wintery environments and locales where it snows more than the sun shines each year, over time these strange bicycles began to migrate to sandy regions. From the Mojave to the Oregon coastal dunes, fatbikes have spent a fair amount of their short-lived existence on Earth shredding sand. With their high volume, low pressure tires, suddenly you can pedal for great distances through thick sand. Something not really possible on a bicycle prior. Visit any beach town, especially one with a high influx of tourists and you’ll find some janky fatbike sitting next to a beach cruiser and soft top surfboards in the rental fleet.

That’s not what’s going on here, I can assure you.

When Poler was in the middle of designing their new Laguna Beach store, Benji, the owner hollered at Erik Nohlin, industrial designer at Specialized and general bad-ass to design a bike for the shop. Having already worked together on the Poler AWOL, Erik knew the kinds of detailing Benji would want. Now, what kind of bicycle he’d want to display in the space was up to Erik’s discretion.

Since Poler has a surf team and a hankering for clever camping products, Erik decided on a surf bike, looking to the Specialized FatBoy for the launching pad. Perfect for sand, lightweight and with a gearing easy enough for anyone to trudge over or around dunes, the FatBoy was the perfect beginning for the bike but it needed something new… Something custom.

Ride to the Beach with Your Board and Brews on the Poler Surf Jammer

Erik enrolled the help of his new intern, Dylan Buffington to design, fabricate and finish a FatBoy surfboard camping trailer, complete with flip up table, integrated camping stove and tons of cargo capacity, it even uses a FatBoy wheel. After a few emails back and forth with Benji and the other creatives at Poler, fabrication began. They’d even modify the stock carbon fork to take a Pizza Rack and paint the whole damn thing a beautiful ombré fade to match coastal sunsets. Then, on the inside of the stays and fork blades, wind and wave current patterns act as accents. Now, what about a name?

Ride to the Beach with Your Board and Brews on the Poler Surf Jammer

Surf Jammer!

What you’re seeing here is a one-off project, done in-house at Specialized’s HQ in Morgan Hill but there’s nothing stopping you from making something similar. All it takes is some basic fabrication skills, paint and patience. If you’d like to see the Surf Jammer in person, head to the Poler Store in Laguna Beach!

Poler Laguna
1360 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Open daily · 10AM–8PM

  • ZianStudios

    Damn! Shame it’ll mostly sit for show; so fun to look at, but must be even funner to use!

    • Trying to get Poler’s surf team to take it to the Lost Coast for a story in the near future…

      • beat it kooks

        that zone is off limits to cameras and blogging. have some decency.

  • Chris Siddall

    So its basically the basis for well-specced lifeguards/surf patrol bike, and thats not a criticism far from it. It can carry every thing a lifeguard could possibly need in the way of first aid kit, rescue equipment, flags, signs etc

  • Tony Clifton

    “… but there’s nothing stopping you from making something similar.” Except for Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.’s rapacious litigation policies.

    • ZianStudios

      “There’s nothing stopping you from making anything…” except for the time, labor, thought, and capital required of the project. But that’s all, dude.

    • Yes that too!

  • Ryan

    Gradients/fades are hideous with rare exception. This is one of those times. Beautiful.

  • Jim

    I would think all that sand would cause havoc with the chain, sprokets and bearings. No?

  • lyle driver

    Man. This thing needs “deal with it’ shades on every picture.

  • Kevin Capo

    Oh man, they need to make that pizza rack bag!! Would be perfect for my poler x awol.

    • PGH_small_adventures

      Kevin, they do. It’s abouut $100 on the poler site. Its just a bigger version of the camera cooler.

  • Mallory Rose

    It’s so wonderful to see this piece in all it’s glory; after all the thought, time, and effort that Dylan & Erik put into getting it down to Laguna. I’m so proud, I’m considering printing this article and pinning it in my scrapbook! ;)

  • Alex Wichman

    Poler is awesome, and as much as I hate Specialized, this is freaking beautiful. Can’t imagine how much this setup would cost if it went into production.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    You can’t jump the shark if you aren’t near the ocean, that’s for sure! ;)

  • Luke

    I worry about leaving my wallet and keys on the beach when I head into the surf…

    • Noel Smith

      forget the keys and wallet, how about the frickin bike?!

      • This is more designed around the idea that it’ll take you to a remote break inaccessible by car and you won’t see a soul, much less any bike thieves.

    • Anthony

      Exactly. Fucking awesome build / bike, but the practicality of this is unfortunately best suited for a prop in a store. Gosh darn theeves, messing up rad ideas.

  • Froste

    Awesome rig! But Nice work Buffington! but I think you could have made a little more effort your attire, bare feet and board shorts? ;)

  • Aaron Beasley

    I made a similar rig out of a bob trailer and a cx bike for a tour from San Francisco to San Diego. The trick for not getting your shit stolen is to find a nice lady that enjoys sunbathing as much as you enjoy surfing.

  • Aaron Beasley

    I made a similar rig with a bob trailer and a cx bike for a tour from San Francisco to San Diego. The trick for not getting your shit stolen is to find a nice lady that enjoys sunbathing as much as you enjoy surfing.

  • Jeremy Thomas

    i gotta chance to see this in person a couple months ago. Very cool. Stellar paint job. (disregard the flat trailer tire lolz)

  • big Al

    Since they are out of Portland i wish they would have teamed up with a small time builder up there, but i guess they have Specialized connections already. Their space in Laguna really turned out amazing, great job

  • beat it kooks

    No room in our lineups for hipster donkeys with some whack specialized monster bike. Poler is super gay. Stick to drinking hand-pulled fair trade espresso and arguing about minute differences in hub spacing.

  • Farneybuster

    This is straight porn. Except those stock? XC bars. I’d be Jones’n for something more comfortable and beach cruiser appropriate.

  • I like everything about this build except for the stock Specialized headset caps used at the trailer connection point ;)

  • RIck

    Would love to take this rig up the Oregon coast….does it come with shark repellent too?