Diamondback’s New 27.5 Haanjo EXP Carbon Touring Bike Jul 14, 2016


At first glance, this might seem like just another carbon fiber “all road” bike, but look closely and you’ll see Diamondback made some really clever and practical decisions on their newest touring model, the Haanjo EXP Carbon. First off, the 3×9 drivetrain. While it might not be as light as a 1x SRAM setup, it has the gear range you’ll need for extended dirt tours on steep roads. Next, the wheels. 27.5″ x 2.1 wheels offer plenty of ride-dampening for long days in the saddle. While the Haanjo EXP sports thru axles, it relies on cable-actuated disc brakes and barend shifters for both ease of repair and reliability. I’m liking what I see here. All for $2,300 complete as shown. Check out more at Diamondback.

  • Jimmy

    Diamondback on the Radavist?! Woo! I’ve loved my own Haanjo (and loved it hard) for the year I’ve had it, super cool to see them take the platform to a whole new level, it really is a killer bike.

  • Nate-o

    How much do you get paid for a piece like this?

    (if it is a nice amount, I am happy that it supports your more interesting content)

    • Durr

      paid or not, it’s great to see rides like this featured for those folks who don’t have tons of cash to throw at custom rides…. Thanks for the post, John!

    • I don’t get paid for content. I only get paid for the ads you see on the sidebar and top banner of this website. Or if I do commercial photo work.

      • Nate-o

        Word, good to know! It seemed like a spate of “so and so’s new THIS” posts cropped up so I wondered. Glad your eye/style is the main focus.

        • Yeah, it’s the season for new product drops and now the industry is producing more and more complete bikes that fit in with this website’s modus operandi. ;-)

          • Billy Arlew

            Coincidence? I think not :)

  • Kevin Capo

    Say what you want about Diamondback, but this spec for that price, is a hell of a deal. Good job Diamondback!

    • I was surprised to see it and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    there is always a DB out there somewhere… and i don’t mean Diamond Back.

  • I’d choose that over the Sequoia any day. Its got gears.

  • Trevor Martin

    Fuck yeah olive drab!

  • Ben C

    Love it, i’m assuming it won’t be available in the UK though.

  • Igor Belopolsky

    this is very cool to see. PerformanceBike actually has this for $1900 right now!

  • naisemaj

    Damn, actually wondering if there will be a frame only option, not a bad job there DB!

  • ctmo85

    if you work for a company with some kind of perk website access, check if they have a deal with Diamondback, this bike is available to me for $1,610. Yikes.

    • Igor Belopolsky

      If you have a Performance team member thing, I think you can get it for 1900 and 20% back in points..

  • Johnny Burrell

    A 9 speed triple? Seems like they are going the wrong direction…

    • Tim Rice

      Wrong direction for whom?
      3×9 for offroad touring is the correct direction, Especially with the brifters. Tack on 25 lbs and that triple will get you places. Now if you want to talk the difference between 10 and 9 on the cassette. nit picking the advantage of one cog inbetween low/high and throwing away the cost savings of 9s, and also the durability of 9s Is the wrong direction for the purpose of this bike.

      • Surprises

        People out there do not appreciate or understand gear increments, weight and distance. Triple 9 can do almost anything. I have even done a moderately paced group road ride on a stock triple 9 setup and the next day could climb mountains all day AND handle a loaded rack.

  • Surprises

    Is the frame the same as the 700c models?

    • ShawnfromPhilly


  • Tim Rice

    This is everything I would have put into a custom build. Minus tires, I would throw on WTB Horizons. Last year I would have been looking for a frame. So for $1900 at performance. This is a hell of a deal. I just don’t have $5,000 to build an OpenCyle U.P.

  • Person Dude

    Is this available as a frameset? It looks like a much cheaper OPEN Cycles UP, which is something I could totally dig. It’s just that I’m not a touring cyclist, so I don’t want the triple crankset and bar end shifters.

    • ShawnfromPhilly

      You want the Haanjo Trail or Comp.

  • almazing

    I have the Trail Carbon. Got it for a little over $2100 with a deal. It’s an amazing bike and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, build quality wise. I replaced the seat post with a Thomson Elite 0 offset and the saddle with a Brooks C17, and it’s just about perfect. I’ll be getting a set of 27.5 MTB wheels for single track action. Why can’t other bike manufacturers create a bike this good, whilst keeping the price reasonable? Hell, if Trek, Specialized, or any of the big name brands created something like this, they’d sell it for $1000 more. The bike industry can learn something from DB. They can’t just rely on their name to sell bikes anymore. Especially when companies like DB are out there bringing their A game.

  • Noah Behnke

    I’ve been riding a fabulous 80’s DB Apex with the smoky purple paint and biospace crank for a few months- and it’s a happy bike. This bike is a happy bike too. It looks like a little Jeepy which is fun. Yay bikes.

  • Nick Erickson

    I have the same thoughts as everyone who has also looked at OPEN UP… I could toss on a 1x and a ton of fancy parts and it would still be a reasonable build price.