44 Bikes on Why Made in the USA Matters


44 Bikes on Why Made in the USA Matters


Kris at 44 Bikes has written a great manifesto on why made in the USA matters. Here’s an excerpt:

“…Having a healthy, prospering U.S. manufacturing base that employs skilled workers and invests in that same workforce ensures we have a strong middle class with good pay. This strengthens the very foundation of our society which creates mobility and even more important: Stability in the market because workers who have money in their pocket spend that same money on goods and service. That’s why I take some time, care and pride in partnering with local manufacturers when and where I can. It’s a two way street. What goes around comes around.”

I’d say more, but I’d like you the read the whole article, so head to 44 Bikes to check it out. Also, I’d like to note that it’s not just that made in the USA matters, it’s that domestic production matters. I support products made in Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. It comes down to companies who manufacture products in their native land, where environmental regulation is upheld…