The Circles Japan Personal Bike Show

With the Gourmet Century Japan being hosted by Circles, the team at this great bike shop in Nagoya wanted to do something special for their visitors. The Personal Bike Show was a way to introduce the community in Nagoya to various framebuilders and individuals, all of which have found their way to town for the ride… Many of which were visiting Japan for the first time.

Bikes on display

The format was simple. Each guest would display their bike they brought for the Gourmet Century, alongside two local builders. After finger foods by Chris DiMinno and plenty of booze, each personality took to the stage to answer a few questions, provided by the Circles team. Things like “what was the scariest moment on the bike?” and “What do you think of Curtis Inglis?”

... and Chris King himself!

The evening culminated with Shinya from Circles and Chris King expanding on their opinions about why cycling is so important to a community’s health and growth. It was one of those evenings that left you excited to be a part of a global community of cyclists.

Over the next few days, I’ll be featuring some of the frames that were displayed, along with other scenes from Nagoya and beyond! If you’re going to the Gourmet Century this weekend, I’ll see ya there!

  • Jared Jerome

    Dang that looks like a fun show.

  • Looks like a rad time. Japan loves Cali and the West Coast!

  • barry mcwilliams

    King beer taps or mushroom toast…one of those is my favorite picture.

    Damn, I must be hungry.

  • Billy Lad

    It always be plentiful to see the pic from JP bicycle shop! Lot of details inside !

  • Scott Felter

    So good to see all the Sim-Works kids in their own space! Ryota…funny guy! Always up for a party.

  • tertius_decimus

    Ketchup/mustard bottles are rad.

  • wow, next year! next year..

  • noob_sauce

    Jay from Cielo is the former Jay from Sycip, right? :P