Kyle’s Niner Ros 9+ is Loaded for the Adventure Cycling Bikecentennial Celebration

Beginning from a cross country bike ride in 1976 to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial, Adventure Cycling has dedicated its existence to those wishing to explore the cycle touring routes throughout the United States. To commemorate over 40 years of documenting, publishing and celebrating cycle tourism, the ACA is throwing a party in Montana. Dubbed the Montana Bicycle Celebration, riders from all over the country are flocking to Missoula on July 15th through the 17th. It’s this celebration that prompted a rather large group of people to fly into Banff, Alberta and ride to Missoula along the Great Divide Route.

Kyle's Niner Ros 9+

Kyle and Liz are leaving a few days earlier to take their time and soak in the epicness that is the Tour Divide but before he left, I shot some photos of his Ros 9+ with its new Stinner Frameworks fork. This addition allows Kyle to mount Anything Cages to his bike, giving him the extra room he’ll need on this two-week journey.

Kyle's Niner Ros 9+

Hopefully we’ll have photos from this trip up on the site next month, thanks to Andrew The Maker‘s nifty rolltop handlebar camera bag. If you’re going to the ACA Montana Bicycle Celebration, be sure to give this group of wayward riders a high five and a beer!

  • Jake Riehle

    That Fork looks familiar Kyle! :) Great choice.

  • Maxxis Chronicle… great bikepacking tire or greatest bikepacking tire?

  • Kyle Deven

    Looks dumb.


  • AndreG

    can we have more info on the fork please? 120mm suspension corrected?

    • Yeah!

    • We built the fork around the original specs. Just added on all of the details Kyle was looking for. If you want more info or have questions about one for your rig, hit us up!

  • Bike looks rad Kyle! See you guys soon!

  • Spencer Brown

    Dang, looks like I’ll be missing out on this weekend of partying! I’m getting into Missoula late on the 17th. Kyle, let me know if y’all are going to be around Missoula any longer!

  • NoNo

    A wise man once said, “So good!” This is just that. :)

  • Nicholas Carey

    Can someone help me out with the name of that saddle?

    • Brooks Cambium

      • Nicholas Carey

        Ahhh, wow! I recognized the Cambium. But, in looking at your shot from the nose of the saddle, it looked like the saddle had an integrated bag system with a tail off the saddle and strap system for taking up some bag weight. I guess with dirt ground in to everything it all turns the same color. All good nonetheless.

  • What pedals is he rocking?

  • mrbiggs

    Little late here. This is so good. Without a generator hub, what are you using for power, lights and and charging out in the wilds? Thx.