Give Someone a High Five This Weekend! Jun 3, 2016


Here comes the weekend again… make like Morgan and Denver and give someone a high five!

  • Robert prieto

    What is that frame bag . It’s gorgeous !

    • Porcelain Rocket!

      • Carter K. Quinn

        Would it foolish to do the tour divide with a wolverine setup?? Or should I stick with a true mtb??

        • Ask us in a couple months! More to come on this…

        • Rigid MTB for sure

          • I think the only question from our end is most people seem to be recommending not to go with panniers lately, but we are going to have two each.

  • CJones


  • professorvelo

    that dog has to stop being so damn cool. seriously.

    • Denver is on retainer. He gets $10,000,000,000 a month

  • recurrecur

    Nicest Wolverine I’ve seen yet.

    • Thanks! We’ve almost got all the ducks in a row. Dynamo wiring and final fit bits…

  • Jake Riehle

    You still digging the klampers Morgan? Long pull or short?

    • I’ve got the short pull ones and I’m loving them. So much power, great feel, super simple adjustability. One finger braking with the Gevenalle levers from the drops.

  • Kevin Hall

    what rack are you using on the front? Are you just using BB7 calipers? I’ve got the Trp spyke on mine and the braking feels loud and chattery