Circles Japan Personal Bike Show: Mike’s DeSalvo Titanium ‘Cross

Mike DeSalvo isn’t known for flashy paintjobs, or crazy-shaped tubing, instead, his titanium frames attract attention with a different kind of detail: precision. These bikes are made from a ti welder’s dream with their meticulously-laid beads and cable stops. Not every detail needs to be observed with a macro lens however. Step back and look at the ever-so-elegant bend to the top tube for shouldering in cross races and the bendy, swoopy stays for, ya know, looks!

This bike was on display at the Circles Japan Personal Bike Show and Mike’s Japanese customers spent plenty of time nerding out!

  • Brian Sims

    In the process now of rebuilding my 2008 steel DeSalvo. Short or long rides, loaded or unloaded, paved or unpaved the bike is simply perfect. The geometry is spot on. Mike can certainly build a hell of a bike.

  • Nice looking steed!

  • Linh Nguyen

    Beautiful bike and photos. I know absolutely nothing about welding but Mike’s welds seem to flow together like smooth butter to me. Love it.

  • AdamBike99

    Always in style, a precision, handmade Ti bike…
    Those stays are begging to be filled with fatter rubber. It’s de rigueur these days, eh?!

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Those stays makin me swoon. Love to see a “cross” or “all-road” bike with very classic road geometry. And a Ritchey build out is always a great modest option.

  • kermitonwheels

    Absolute absence of flash. That is very elegant, especially that flash of blue.