A Stelbel Nina All-Road Bike for South Africa – Tino Pohlmann

A Stelbel Nina All-Road Bike for South Africa
Photos by Tino Pohlmann, cover photo by Stan Engelbrecht and words by John Watson

After yesterday’s gallery, I received a number of emails requesting more photos of this bike!

Within yesterday’s epic gallery by Stan Engelbrecht, you might have spotted this blue beauty, albeit covered in a bit of dirt, dust, mud and Apidura bikepacking bags. This Stelbel Nina is something special. Made in Italy from one of the oldest tig welding builders in the world, the Nina is at home on the ‘cross course with 33mm tires as much as it is in the backcountry, rolling on 40mm rubber and unlike many of the frames on the market today, this one comes from a legacy.

Stelbel has arguably brought more to the tig-welding alignment table than anyone else. When Stelio Belletti first founded the company in 1973, there weren’t a lot of builders out there experimenting with tig welding and not just with bicycle frames. Belletti was responsible for improving the chassis for the Grand Prix monster machine, the Honda 500 GP as well as a fuselage for the P19 Scricciolo, a small plane and the vehicle of choice for the Aero Club d’Italia. This knowledge spilled over onto the Stelbel name and to this day, the workshop is creating impeccable examples of tig-welded steel. See more of this beaut in the gallery and for more information on the Nina, head to Stelbel!


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  • Andy Moore

    Fucking #blueheat.

    • I really, really like this frame. Those dropouts are too cool!

  • I love the stamps on the headtube and BB shell. It’s the little things. I hope more builders start doing stuff like that again.

  • maciek

    btw current production Stelbel has nothing to do with Mr Belletti ,as I understand guys bought his trademark and resurrected brand ,but he is not involved. Still frames they produce are great

  • Wade Stevens

    Saw one in Nyack with the Big Leg Emma style stays – beautifully beastly!

    • hans

      Zappa fan?

      • DominicBruysPorter

        He’s referring to how Dario Pegoretti is a Zappa fan. The racier Stelbel frames have huge chainstays like the Pegoretti Big Leg Emma does.

  • Froste

    Poor bike having to wear those shoes/tires.

  • tall BB. why?

    • Felix

      Looks higher than it is due to adjustable dropouts.