Two Hard Days on the Bike May 11, 2016

Pushwacking Peppermint Falls-58

Pushwacking Peppermint Falls-46

Pushwacking Peppermint Falls-66

Pushwacking Peppermint Falls-70

Ever so often, a ride goes south and I’m not talking cardinal directions. Cari and I embarked on our first bicycle camping trip this week and I can honestly say it was equal parts hard as it was beautiful. The full story is coming next week, for now check out some preview photos @TheRadavist on Instagram.

  • Sretsok

    New 1UP? Been diggin’ mine.

    • yep! The fuckin’ best! I broke so many other racks.

      • Sretsok

        So solid. Looking forward to years and years of use.

  • It ain’t a trip until something goes wrong!

    • Oh man. It went wrong. For 6 hours.

      • Holler_Atcha_Soy

        John, after 6 hours the viagra ads say to call your doctor.

  • Looking forward to reading the post!

  • Jonathan Gresley

    Those legs look like they were attacked by a honey badger

  • Public_Parent

    Rad. You going to cover the ToC, next week?