Speaking of Search and Sachs May 23, 2016


… I found this gem on Richard’s Flickr and had to share it. I love what you’re wearing on your feet, ATMO!

  • Back in the day, as they say, all the cool racers wore those around at American road races before and after their event. I’m talking late 70’s early 80’s.

  • Richard Sachs

    Here’s the post that went with that image:

    The picture is from 1988 give or take a few months. The Adilettes were part of the uniform. I probably had 2 dozen pair in assorted colors atmo. Since 2002 the the official footwear has been Bass Leytons in black.

  • markriedy

    adilettes never get old……..ever.

  • Ham Sandwich

    dick sacks.