Ride On, Nils! May 28, 2016



You might recognize this one… When Nils got hit by a car, totaling his Chumba, he had to convert his Cycle Fab Surly LHT Cargo machine back to a 700c touring bike for every day rides. Now, it’s his ride for Aids Life Cycle.

Before heading out of town, he swung by to say hello and pick up some last minute provisions. I took his bike out for two photos (you’ll have to excuse the printer, it happened to be on the sidewalk and worked as a perfect prop for this fully-loaded bike.) My two favorite details are Nils’ self-made frame bag and how he mounted the Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion directly to his rack mounts, rather than the seatpost. Nicely done!

Follow Nils on his trip at @FrankWithoutBeans!

  • Utilitarian!

  • Leo Kuo

    Oh no! That Chumba was a sweet bike. Glad that he’s back riding again.

  • My DUDE!

  • I really hope you’re taking that printer along with you, and printing nice postcards and sending them back to GSC along the way!

  • Isaiah Kramer

    Deets on that rear bag support? Custom or no?

    • Isaiah Kramer

      Also, this is cooler than the previous iteration and blows every other LHT out of the water.

    • It’s the Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion, but instead of connecting to the seatpost, it connects directly to the braze-ons.