It’s Jocey Gaudi’s Breadwinner Komorebi 木漏れ日 Bikepacking Rig!

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “sunlight shining through the leaves of trees.”

Jocelyn, aka “Jocey” Gaudi found herself in Los Angeles this past weekend to lead the latest ladies-only Golden Saddle Sunday Social on bikepacking. Over the years, Jocelyn has undertaken extensive bikepacking trips and has learned a lot about not only the ins and outs of backcountry exploration, but how to lead groups of women, of various experience levels along the way. Her leadership skills landed her on the Komorebi Bicycling Team, a group of women who explore the wilderness by bike, organize trips and inspire others to venture into the woods.

The team is sponsored by Breadwinner Cycles, Portland Design Works, Phil Wood & Co., Velocity USA, and White Industries. This group of ladies ride the Breadwinner Komorebi rigid mountain bikes, specifically designed with off-road touring in mind. I’ve always loved the look of this bike and it was great seeing Jocelyn’s all dirty from recent expeditions.

Look closely and you’ll see a prototype Phil Wood headset and those beautiful Phil Wood disc hubs, Ti Cycles Double S titanium bars, along with the PDW Bindle Rack

Many thanks to Jocelyn for venturing down the coast to sunny Los Angeles and helping grow the love of the sport with women everywhere.

  • Serious shred sled right here! Love the color!

  • Jake Riehle

    Great set up! Love those new Relevate saddle bags with the valve on them, they look super waterproof.

  • barry mcwilliams

    I totally dig this.

  • will

    One of my favorite bikes, ever.

  • Nico

    Rad bike!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    This is a fun bike to really dig into the details on. Such a personalized and fascinating combination of parts!

  • So much character. Love the non-matching disc rotors, the beausage on the cranks, the stickers, the works.

    Speaking from experience, I think that water bottle is gonna fly like a bird right outta that downtube cage. Still pretty though… that’s why I keep using mine anyways ;D

    • Jocelyn Gaudi

      Hey Max – thanks for the kind words. I usually have a coozie on my Miir bottle that helps to keep it even more snug in the Bird Cage. That being said, I’ve never had a bottle eject out of a PDW cage – they’re pretty good, if I say so myself. :)

      • I lost enough bottles out of my Birdcage that I ended up switching to a Lezyne Power Cage. It’s obviously a form > function kind of item, so I don’t really fault PDW for it. I’m also really bouncing around when I hit dirt rides, my line selection is the real issue…

        I still mount it on bikes sometimes just for looks. My buddy Jim is borrowing it right now.

  • Awesome Rig! Great shots!

  • So. Nice.

  • Lewy

    Great looking bike. Those bars are very nice.

  • Farneybuster

    What are those grips?