We Hid a Search and State Camo Jersey This Morning For You! Apr 29, 2016



Yeah, it’s a $165 jersey and it’s camo, but if you’re in Los Angeles, we’ve got one hidden for you to win but you better pay attention…

So the rules are simple: Use the following photos to figure out where we hid this jersey.

UPDATE! It’s been found. Call off the search!






Take Lynch’s road until you ‘cross this park. It’s easy to miss, so you Betty B paying attention. After dusty turns and loose descents, you’ll get to a ferny gully where a hobo’s nest has been built around the Kookaburra’s home. Climb up to claim your prize.

Once you find it. Instagram it and tag @TheRadavist @GoldenSaddleCyclery and @SearchAndState in the photo.

It’s a size medium, but don’t worry, if you wear a different size, bring it by Golden Saddle Cyclery and we’ll order you one that’ll fit you!

  • damn I want that AARN narrow wide chainring

  • Dobry

    That is so god-damned adorable. Happy hunting Los Angelenos!

  • David

    So rad! As a quick side note, can we get some pictures of Kyle’s Hufnagel?!

  • Justin Scoltock

    i still think you should have just given it to me on my commute this morning!

  • Betty Dearing?

  • Froste

    This is so good. I wonder where you would have hidden the aloha jersey? Please hide something in SF next time you visit, treasure hunts are fun, especially when you are on a bike!

  • jtbadge

    Are those the long-teased skinwall Ikons? Gotta get me some of those.