Paul Component Engineering: Rasta Quick Release Skewers Apr 19, 2016


Rasta roots run deep in the MTB world… These limited edition #JahBlessed skewers can be ordered through your local Paul dealer, or bought direct on their website.

  • Max


  • Good.

  • Super sexy!

  • Harry Major

    Can someone explain this connection between MTB and Rasta colours to me? Unless I’m missing something it’s a white people cultural appropriation type connection, and I’ve never been cool with that.

    • White Mike

      please stop

    • CruisinE2W

      Do you even safety meeting, bro?

    • Paul

      Let’s all stay in our lanes here people. No need for race mixing.

    • matt hew

      here’s the connection, harry: the rasta colors are the colors of the ethiopian flag, which stand for the richness of the Africa. a lot of african folks rode mountain bikes in the early days…oh wait, no i’m losing my line of reasoning here. bit of a nail biter reading “rasta roots run deep in the MTB world.” when what is meant is “MTB stoner dudes have liked rasta colors for a long time.” much better :)

    • Fred flintstone

      Hes not cool with that, yall.

    • weed, dude.

      • Eric Channing Brewer

        What did I mention that got my response removed? Thought it was a little deeper then just a stoner thing. No?

      • Austen

        And using rasta colors on MTB parts because y’all both like weed, rather than any substantive cultural affiliation is… what now?

  • Patrick Schmidt

    Hm, this explains the formerly inexplicablely named “Northern Bush Rastas” mtb club in my city

  • D A N.

    You know what would be awesome? If they made thru bolt / axles

  • Just in time for 4/20! lol

    • Why did I loose my edge, why did I drink the beer, why did I….

      Congrats on the Everesting BTW