The Whisky Six Select Frames – Jarrod Bunk

The Whisky Six Select Frames
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

Photo via Whisky

Each year at Frostbike, Whisky builds bikes, both custom from frame builders and production from one of the QBP brands. This year Whisky had six builders and brands at the Frostbike booth to show off their new rims, bars and seatposts. Dubbed the Six Select, the collection debuted a variety of veritable dream bikes, including: Rock Lobster, 44 Bikes, Retrotec, Moth Attack, Salsa and Engin.


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  • KevinDurantSignatureSlushee

    Is that fork on the retrotec reversed?

    • Noel Smith

      Judging from the dropout I would say no. Although the top of the fork does look somewhat unusual..

    • no, that would bring the disc caliper to the drive side

      • KevinDurantSignatureSlushee

        aww haha good point. Still the head tube and extension on the crown looks like one big nose

    • No, its the new Whisky Parts Co. fork. Its really good in person.

  • caliente

    That horsethief tho. 29 front 27.5+ rear and a slick 1980s miami vice paintjob.

    • It’s one of my favorites! It’s Justin Julian’s (Salsa’s General Manager) personal ride. It is actually modeled after his 1992 Suzuki Moto, Hence the larger diameter front wheel vs the rear. I am happy I was able to shoot these bikes as I was included with the project early on. I think every builder killed it, and I need to save some money cause I see some handmade bikes on my horizon.

      • redhead322

        1992 Suzuki RM250! Sick graphics…

      • That’s a rad precedent. I feel like in practice I’d want the bigger tire up front, but it has an aesthetic that works well.

  • Ryan

    That Engin is my 1st choice out of this amazing bunch, but only by the slimmest of margins. Incredible examples of craftsmanship.

  • Keith Gibson

    that Retrotec is noice

    • I agree!! I would love to build one. Maybe for next years project.

      • Matthew J

        On my third. Curtis is a humble fun loving guy who really knows his stuff.

  • rick hunter

    That Salsa is SiQ !…. I mean it..

  • All rad, but that Moth Attack is the show stealer for me!

  • Masterchief

    Can anyone identify the handlebars on the Moth Attack?