The 8Bar Bike Mitte Converts from a Road to an All-Road Mar 17, 2016

Berlin’s 8Bar Bikes recently launched a Kickstarter for their new Mitte road bike. The Mitte is unlike anything offered before by the brand in that with a swap of the fork and adjustment of the slider dropouts, it can convert its head, seat angles and bb drop to essentially turn and tune itself from a road bike to an all-road bike. It’s an interesting approach to design, especially if you truly can only have one bike…

  • Reminds me of my friend’s current project:

  • Daniel Apt

    Simple question, what makes this so unique? Changing forks can already be done right? And this isn’t the first time adjustable dropouts are on a frame. Am I missing something?

  • Jesse

    Riding a cross bike on the road is hard. Glad someone thought of this.

    • kermitonwheels

      Pretty much that.

    • Manny Loski

      Ha! That was hilarious!

  • Scott Felter

    I really wish the whole “one bike to rule them all” thing would go away. It’s a freakin’ unicorn…

    • kermitonwheels


  • gvnstewart
  • noob_sauce

    Anybody else cringe everytime the clamp the bike down by the top tube?

    • Domingo

      Sometimes I clamp by the top tube depending on what I’m doing, I didn’t know it was such an issue.

      • noob_sauce

        Well, for thin tubed alloy frames and some really thin steel (like Columbus life), you could cause dents by clamping on frame tubes. It’s usually recommended to clamp by the seatpost if possible.

  • sturtlovinggood

    It already takes me about five months to work up the motivation to switch from knobs to slicks on my cross bike. Can’t imagine how long it’d take me to do the fork, too?